Facebook reaches 432 million mobile users every month, but growth is slowing

Daniel Bader

March 8, 2012 2:58pm

An SEC filing in preparation of the company’s IPO has revealed that as of December 2011 there were 432 million mobile users of Facebook, 13% of which had never touched the desktop website. This is a 76% increase over a year before, where 245 million users had accessed the mobile web.

Facebook is about to go public and instantly become one of the biggest companies in the world, with an estimated worth of $100 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder and CEO, is worth over $20 billion of that. As the company ramps up its mobile offering, it is expected to start showing ads to those 400+ million mobile users, which will further ramp up revenues.

While many of those mobile users are accessing the site through smartphones — Facebook is one of the most popular apps on both iOS and Android — there are many millions more who see the site through its 0.facebook.com portal, which was created aided in part by its purchase of Snaptu in April 2011. More importantly, Facebook launched an iPad app in October of last year which expanded its mobile base far beyond the smartphone world.

While 432 million users sounds like a lot (and it is!) the number of people accessing Facebook on the go has been shrinking over the past year, adding between 10-15% to its user base per month. With over 800 million total monthly visitors, and over 400 million daily visitors to the web site, mobile Facebook is definitely the largest avenue for growth, and will only get more popular as smartphones get less expensive.

Source: SEC
Via: The Verge

  • Cell Hell

    Facebook has an invasive and unfair privacy policy. Everything you post they own for all eternity and can use however they like. If you erase something they still own it and can keep it on their servers.

    Now they will be pushing advertising; that just means more spam.


      this article will NOT start the war between Android fan and IOS fan


      its more easy to access the sitting list on Facebook on Android devices, IOS you have to go to sittings — general — facebook then you can change it

  • Marc P

    Duh! there are only so many people… many if Facebook expanded to Mars, we can fetch some Aliens. Wouldn’t Facebook timeline look awesome then?

  • Dalex

    They should just start printing Facebook money… Sheesh… Never understood how people could spend so much time on that site. Just have push notifications let you know whats going on and thats it…

  • Kennedyk24

    it’s called creeping. there’s no notification for that.

  • shaggyskunk

    I think that rather than just a slowing in growth, it’s far more likely that there will be a shrinking, in the number of users. As more people become aware of fb’s practices, I can see a growing resentment… this is already becoming evident in Europe!

  • Kennedyk24

    social networking seems so temporary. whatever is hot right now. where’s myspace? twitter, pinterest, instagram, others will start stealing their users.

  • WhoCares

    Facebook is so 2006, let it die people.

  • Stuntman

    I would say that Facebook is one of the most unpopular apps for Android because it sucks. I just uninstalled all of the updates off my phone and reverted back to the original version. The last few versions just had so many issues with it hanging on launch that I had enough. The really old version I have works smoothly and quickly. It lacks some functionality, but I augment it with FriendCaster Pro and FriendStream. Facebook needs to seriously fix the app.

    • shark

      hey how do i revert like you did? new facebook update is hanging and force closing often on me. it also doesnt let you comment on many things anymore…which i dont get. i used to be able to view and comment on pictures and now today i noticed i click to comment and it pulls the picture up no matter which option.
      how does one remove the updates to go back to an older one? thx

    • Stuntman

      @shark: I just went to the Android Market and under the Facebook app, I selected . I had the Facebook app preinstalled on my HTC Desire Z. All of the app updates were removed and I was left with the original preinstalled version (1.5.1).

  • hoo dat

    First thing I do when I get a new phone is delete the Facebook app. What a monumental waste of time and invasion of privacy.

  • Jim

    Facebook wants to put ads in the near future (FB Mobile), android user got that blocked. 😉 Take that FB future revenue stream.

  • bella

    aq berhenti berharap!