Sony officially announces the Xperia U, 3.5-inch, 1GHz dual-core Android

Ian Hardy

February 26, 2012 12:57pm

Sony’s Mobile World Congress 2012 press event is about to happen, they are pushing forward on the Xperia handset lineup and will be showcasing a few devices. Most have already leaked online. The event will start at 1pm EST. We’ll bring you details as they unfold…

1:05pm: Kaz Hirai of Sony is on stage stating how excited he is about the future of Sony.
1:06pm: Mobile is key. Smartphones and tablets will get more gaming, PlayStation certified device.
1:08pm: Play. Watch. Listen and create. “Sony is a real content powerhouse”. President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications Bert Nordberg is on the stage.
1:11pm: Nordberg stated that going Android was the right move for them.
1:13pm He was speaking about the Xperia ION, their first LTE-enabled device, will be launching outside the US lated this Summer. No word on Canada
1:14pm: Announced the Xperia E and the Xperia U.
1:16pm: these are Xperia NXT series devices. All the new Xperia devices will be dual-core
1:17pm: now going over the Xperia S, will be coming to Canada.
1:21pm: Time for the Xperia P: 4-inch Reality display, WhiteMagic will be the colour, NFC and will have their SmarTags. Coming Q2 2012.
1:23pm: Xperia U is “Sony in a compact segment”. Provides true Sony Entertainment”. 1Ghz dual-core, 3.5-inch Reality Display and a 5-MP camera (capture 2D and 3D). Has the same transparent notification bar. Coming Q2 2012, globally. No word on Canada.
1:27pm: THey will be “significantly” increase their marketing and “telling a story of a more connected mobile experience”. Xperia is the Sony smartphone.
1:28pm: Done… keynote over.

  • Fadfoud

    where to watch the event live ?

  • Dv

    Wont watch if they dont release a quad core phone.

  • Dimitri k.

    Amazing. Can not wait for the Sony Xperia S to come down here. Ill be buying it for sure.

  • crunch204

    sony needs to stop selling there devices only to rogers

    • Big Red Machine

      You are kidding right? Rogers has the most subs so why not. Besides all the rest of the real carriers have it. You need to understand all the phone makers want to be able to sell their wares all over the world. This is the 3rd or 4th new phone and no AWS. I think the hint is pretty clear. AWS? NFW!

  • EvanKr

    Funny how something with the same specs as the iPhone is considered “mid-range”, while the iPhone is still priced higher than most flagship Androids and people swear that it’s the best phone around.