Windows Phone Mango users can now natively access multiple Google Calendars

Daniel Bader

January 27, 2012 9:47am

Google has pushed out some updates for its Sync capabilities on Windows Phone Mango devices. Previously a user was not able to access more than one Calendar at a time when syncing a Google account on a Mango phone, but now by going to you can select up to 25 calendars to sync to your device.

Another nice improvement is the ability to choose which account to reply from if there are multiple SMTP accounts configured in your Gmail settings.

Gmail search has also been tweaked to search beyond the allotted 25, 50 or 100 local emails in your Gmail inbox to all your emails stored on the server. Very convenient.

Source: Google+
Via: Pocketnow

  • Entegy

    You’ve been able to have multiple calendars for a long time if you tricked that same URL into think you were an iPad and turn on the calendars. Why the hell Google was ever restricting this in the first place, we’ll never know.

  • keiYUI

    That looks nice.