Asus Transformer Prime experiencing random reboots and graphical glitches after Android 4.0 update?

Daniel Bader

January 27, 2012 11:07am

A number of Asus Transformer Prime owners, including our own MrCeddy, have been experiencing random reboots and graphical banding after upgrading to the official Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. These reboots come without warning and are not linked to any particular app, though some users have claimed it happens more often when the Prime is in High Performance Mode.

Another group of users are complaining of graphical glitches, video playback issues relating to the official YouTube app and the Flash Player. It got so bad that many are returning their devices for RMA and are running into supply shortages, postposing the return and extending frustration.

An Asus employee by the name of Gary Key is addressing the issues in a post on XDA-Developers, and leaving updates every few days as to the status of a software fix. According to Key, the issue is caused by some driver incompatibilities with certain elements of the Ice Cream Sandwich codebase, and will a patch is to be issued in early February to clear up the remaining bugs. The recent update that was meant to fix GPS performance also happened to resolve many of the graphics driver problems, though some users are still experiencing reboots, though less often.

Key posted on January 25th: “We are working on two different solutions now and hope to have a fix available in early February. One option to try is to revert back to the last Honeycomb image through the manual update process, set the unit power mode to balanced performance and screen brightness manually to 50%, and then manually update to the latest ICS build using these instructions – You will need a fully charged battery and have the system plugged into AC power. This worked on a couple of returned units but not on all units. Only try this procedure if you are comfortable with flashing a new ROM image and want to take the time to complete each process.”

It’s great that Asus is working quickly to resolve the early adopter issues associated with Transformer Prime ownership, but we can’t help but think it would have been prudent to delay the official Ice Cream Sandwich update until further testing was done. We’ve also heard of many users complaining of poor quality control in regards to light bleeding, which is another cause for concern.

Has your Transformer Prime been acting up after the official ICS update, and if so, are you satisfied with Asus’ response to the issue?

Source: XDA-Developers (2)

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, I am glad Asus is doing all they can before they push the ICS update to the original Transformer. Better safe than sorry and I don’t mind the delay, as long as they test every flaw out there.

  • Tom

    The Asus Transformer Prime sounds like a great device, but it also seems that they rushed it. Likely they hoped to catch the Christmas rush and get an ICS tablet out before their bigger competitors.

    Rushing things out like this can be risky and it sounds like this one just wasn’t ready.

  • want2

    my nexus phone has froze on me 3-4 times already…

  • daguy

    I have noticed some very subtle graphical glitches when bringing up the task switcher on occasion. No lock ups or reboots though, and I used the thing daily.

    I very much disagree that they should have delayed the ICS update, as it’s currently far more stable and usable than the 3.2 build it started with.

  • Glenn Sherwood

    I was curious to know if the earlier Transformer received ICS and if it similar issues…

    • Jimbo

      No they haven’t rolled out the ICS update for the original Transformer.

  • Jimbo

    I have not had one reboot. I have had some issues with the youtube app not working consistently.

    I am more that pleased with the amount of communications from Asus.

    This is way better then just deny, deny, deny and then give away a new phone case so you don’t lose reception.

  • Jason Franco

    I believe this to be an issue with both Ice Cream Sandwhich and Tegra 3 with the companion core. Any table released with these two paired together will probably have the random reboot issue. Nvidia and google need to work together to sort this out. New chipset, New OS… Should anyone be surprised that this is happening? I have had my prime since December 23rd from best buy. No issues with wifi or gps. I actually did a test run on the navigation in my car while it was on honeycomb. It did not keep up as well as the navigation on my HTC EVO 3D but it worked. This was only tested in normal street traffic. Highway results may be different. Once in a while I get the random reboot using the stock browser after the ICS update(s). This was not an issue with honeycomb. The reboot issue does not happen enough for me to return the tablet, about once a day at most at times a couple of days without a reboot. Overall I am very happy with my prime (Grey). I had a second one (gold) that arrived last week for my girlfriend, she hasn’t had any issues with it since shes had it…

  • WP74Life

    I believe this is due to an overrated tablet with an overrated unfinished OS.
    Yeah, it is the problem.

  • Dave Orme

    I run my Prime on “balanced” mode and haven’t seen any spontaneous reboots. Occasionally there are split-second graphics glitches, but this is better than before the most recent update, where some video sites would diagonally cut the video in half: the bottom left half would be correct and the top right half garbage. That’s fixed now and the other graphics glitches are hardly noticable: they appear and then disappear instantly.

  • OK

    I just read on this site. Quick better get a asus prime before there gone at FS and BB. Now this news. Can’t understand why you would do that also did it with that nexus phone. Which I bought and sold it already. was way to buggy! I now own a lag free iPhone 4s and a lg Optimus for my Android pleasures!!!

  • MR

    Not just the Transformer, My Xoom has rebooted twice while just sitting on the coffee table. Very odd, ever since 4.0 Update.

  • Directional

    I’m getting a couple reboots a day with my prime. It won’t make me return it though. I’m glad to see they are communicating and working on a fix.

  • Sub-Joker

    I have the transformer prime, and with me it came with ICS out of the box. I can easily say the tab was not impressive to me at all. my acer iconia A100 runs smoother with less hiccups. yes, it is faster when loading an app, but it doesn’t run as smooth as many of the honeycomb tablets out there.

    also, the camera is so slow to take pictures or switch function (from video to stand still and vice versa, or within the settings).

    got really disappointed, and now i’m returning it back to futureshop.

  • meneracing

    I put back the tablet on is box and return it to the store.

    i’ll buy a iPad

  • Maz

    I bought it a few weeks ago and I use it daily. Never had a problem with reboots, some graphic problems(now solved). However I did notice that sometimes there is a lag while browsing the net and I am still experiencing the camera problems described by Sub-joker(i don’t really use the camera so not a big seal for me). But Asus should have tested all that before releasing it.

  • DigiSky

    My TFP reboots occasionally but only when using flash… how a browser plugin can bring down the entire system is beyond ridiculous!!! I paid good money and it seems this is a half-baked product with buggy apps and way less quality apps then I get on my iPhone. I can edit splice ect video on my iphone, but I can’t even find an app that will connect to my media server without a buggy interface etc. These android products look good on the surface but fall flat on continued use… I’m not going to return it, I know the potential is there, I’m just not very patient when I pay $700 for something I want it to work as advertised, and not have to wait weeks or months for it to get up to speed with what’s been available on iphone for YEARS.

  • Phontech

    Have my TP 2 days now and have had a 5 reboots in that time period. Like the Prime, hope they get the fix out quick. Is very frustrating to wait this long and have problems like this. Other new gen tablets will be out soon and than asus will have big problems. Hope they can resolve these issuse asap.

  • Dextherex

    Mine locked on to gps quicker then my s2 out of the box within 20 meters, hasn’t had any issues with wifi reception and hasn’t rebooted randomly at all. No playback issues or anything like that either…

    Maybe I am lucky? At least Asus is being really adament about fixing these issues and wanting to help everyone out. Great tablet great company.

  • CDK

    Have had mp Transformer Prime for 2 weeks now. I’ve had a couple random reboots on ICS – can’t say whether these happened on HC or not, since I only ran it for 20 mins before the upgrade. Nevertheless, this is by far the most powerful tablet out there, and I’ve yet to find a function it can’t swallow whole.

  • peter

    This is because I gave this tablet a curse because I’m pissed with Google not releasing 4.0 ice cream sandwich to my Samusung Nexus S. lol Good for the Asus tablet owners hehe lol…You deserve it for stealing ice cream sandwich before the true google phones getting it first. and I’m sorry Google you lost me as customer, Since you pulled the update and not releasing ice cream sandwich 4.0 for my Nexus S. I’m now going to be buying a Iphone 4s next week.

    • Omneetwo

      They’re releasing it carefully. If you really care that much, you can flash it yourself. The ROM is hosted on Google’s own servers extremely little effort to flash it.

  • AceSlayer

    Love the Prime!

    I have had zero, ZERO, reboots. Works like a charm.

  • Doug Gordon

    I had mine about a week with no problems, then updated to ICS and had so many reboots that I RMAed it to Asus. They’ve had it for over two weeks with no resolution. I probably would have been better off returning it to Amazon for a replacement, hoping that the replacement would be OK.

    Now it’s too late for that since the 30-day return window has closed and my Prime is somewhere at the Asus service center. Definitely NOT happy…

  • skindleshanks

    I got the transformer prime yesterday for my wife and ran the upgrade to ICS this morning. Didn’trealize that ICSdoesn’thave Korean language support. Since the main thing she wants to do with the tablet is to surf the net in Korean, I’m losing points big time now. How can I revert to the previous version?


    I love this tablet…that said I returned the first one to BB, as it reboots every 10 minutes. I now have my second and have not yet taken it out of the box…i hope this one works correctly or there’s and I Pad in my future!

  • techieRog

    I got mine yesterdat with 4.0.3 ICS preloaded on the system , one update to the camera and everything is going very well , no reboots , no issues at all really , I was worried about the WIFI or bt but no issues at all ! . One this is for sure , i cannot get a full strength bar on my wifi EVER , even when standing next to it , i would worry but i walk around anywhere , even across the street, and it doesnt give out . It just NEVER reads full anytime , but works fast allways ?

  • joe

    My transformer prime just did the random reboot so its not fixed lost everything.