Make your HTC Sensation look like stock Ice Cream Sandwich with the Virtuous Inquisition ROM

Daniel Bader

January 25, 2012 10:01am

The HTC Sensation has been one of the most versatile devices for developers since its release in July 2011. It was also the first HTC device to get a leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, and two more since, though all three releases have been running Sense UI.

But one intrepid developer has made it his passion to remove all traces of HTC’s reviled UI from these Android 4.0 leaks. rmk40, a ROM creator with the Virtuous team (who brought custom ROMs to the Desire Z and others) has created Virtuous Inquisition, and it’s one of the cleanest, best-performing ROMs I’ve ever used.

Except for a few purposefully-kept Sense elements, Virtuous Inquisition looks, performs and feels like stock ICS on the Galaxy Nexus, except for the fact that there are dedicated menu buttons. The included kernel also pushes the limits of the CPU, bumping the clock speed up to 1.5Ghz from the stock 1.2Ghz.

There are a couple important notes you have to follow, including flashing a new firmware bundle. You should also have S-Off and (preferably) SuperCID, which is easily achieved with a number of handy guides.

I’ve been using this on my Sensation for a number of weeks, and now that it’s sitting at version 3.0 it’s one of the smoothest Android experiences I’ve ever used. If you own a Sensation and have a proclivity for flashing new ROMs you owe it to yourself to try Virtuous Inquisition.

Source: XDA-Developers

  • Sean

    And I believe the sensation is on sale at bell stores 99 on three years voice only contract. So excelent for everyone who has family members that don’t want a data plan

  • Hyper!

    Currently using Hypersensation – The only sense feature i like is the call volume increases when in pocket..

  • keiYUI

    Can I do that to my 4S.. *twiddles thumb*

    • Anon

      just get a good phone

  • Noah

    Will this work for the HTC Amaze?

  • WOW

    Haha, gotta use custom roms to make it worth it,
    Typically android.
    Windows Phone 7 work just fine, out of the box.

    • Rick

      Works fine but looks like crap!

    • WOW

      JEalousy is a bad thing Rick.

  • Jaymmer

    “HTC’s reviled UI”
    Your personal opinion… Some people like it, some people want a stock android experience. Personally I really like the gui enhancements that sense provides.

  • Jaymmer

    HTC desire running Gingerburst btw

  • KingHippo

    Custom ROMs are the way to go. But why stop there MobileSyrup? There are plenty of stable, ICS ROMS for the other phones too, many of them come with their own kernel optimizations that fix the current battery issue that Google can’t seem to fix.

  • HTCmachine

    I am also running Inquisition on my Sensation and it’s a pretty awesome ICS experience, there is some minor bugs to work out but overall I recommend it for sure.

    Great article mobilesyrup!!

  • sp

    ICS rom for SGSII?

    or is there a definitive release date for the official ICS for the SGSII??

  • Marc

    I’ve been running this same ROM myself ever since 1.4x and am now sitting on 3.0.0. I ran this side by side with a Galaxy Nexus and it was just as fast.

    One benefit that I don’t see mention (and I believe that it is an important one) is the increased run time using the stock battery. I can get 16 hours of heavy use before he low battery warning appears. I have all the of syncing turned on to the minimum intervals, WiFi, GPS, mobile data, screen brightness around 15-20%.

  • theonlyone

    Man, I need an ICS HTC Amaze rom so bad.

  • greenlink

    but i’ve already sold my sensation 🙁

  • matt

    just flashed it on my sensation and im quite impressed, best ICS rom i’ve played around with yet

  • Rick

    I’ve been running mike1986 ARHD ICS ROM with Nova Launcher for quite a while now. Runs VERY smooth but i’ll give Virtuous a try tonight for sure… Looks like HTC might officially release theirs soon seeing how this leak runs.

  • Michael

    Been using this rom for a week. Battery life is excellent. Messaging and camera work superb. Can’t really think of anything I don’t like. T-MO wifi calling even works well. Definitely would recommend