RIM-owned QNX wins best Car Tech Award at CES 2012

Ian Hardy

January 13, 2012 10:25am

CES 2012 has come and gone. We were all graced with an onslaught of tech news for a few days and will continue for a few more. Apart from mobile devices, there were some impressive new tech developments in televisions (crazy thin and astonishingly clear), headphones, notebooks, apps and cameras. Every year CNET comes out with the official awards, voted by the CNET editors and readers, and this year we’re proud to see RIM-owned QNX has taken the best car tech award for their QNX CAR 2 application. In addition, Nokia was honoured with the Best Smartphone with the Nokia Lumia 900. Other notable awards were handed to BlueStacks for their ability to run Android apps in Windows 8 products, plus the quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich Asus Memo 370T tablet.

Check out all the awards here at CNET
Congrats QNX!

  • Tom Gray

    That’s really cool!

    Someone needs to get that guy a cleaning cloth for his screen though ^_~ hehe

    • QWERTY

      -Needs a QWERTY keyboard!
      -You need to change the spark plugs to check your email!

  • Dave

    At least this shows that RIM does has some fight in them. Glad to hear they’ve won an award and that (hopefully) more will follow later in the year.

  • northy

    great to see,,,, i believe rim learned alot of lessons over the last 18 months,,, and I think this canadian company will come out fighting,,,

  • keiYUI

    Good job RIM! Get yourself back in the game!

  • Apple4Life

    Good job RIM! You just dug your own grave!

    • tee

      lol what a silly comment

  • Paynus Uranus

    Now is a good time to buy rim stock, while it’s low.

  • Apple4Life

    I hope when the playbook crashes you can still drive the car.