Hands on with Lenovo’s Intel-powered Android phone and tablet

Daniel Bader

January 13, 2012 11:02am

Lenovo is using this year’s CES to showcase a reference set of phones and tablets powered by Intel’s upcoming low-powered Medfield chipset.

Intel knows that it cannot rely on its desktop and laptop chips to fuel record growth, so it’s adapting the Atom series to work with Android. Though the x86 architecture is still quite buggy, and most apps don’t seem to work all that well, Lenovo is showing off its K800 smartphone and IdeaTab K2110 tablet, both running Medfield reference chips. The K800 runs a modified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and has a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor and 4.5″ 720p screen.

The K2110 runs a fairly unfettered build of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is supposed to have improved x86 support and better app compatibility. Its 1080p screen is sharp and beautiful, but the design is a little “forced cool” for my liking.

Both of these devices are China-only at the moment, but we hope to see variations launching in North America this year.

  • Danny

    It would be interesting to see the phone come stateside and to Canada. The design is totally out of a Batman film…well the back anyways…? agree?

  • radapple

    @Danny Agreed. Looks like it came out of a dark knight film.

  • jcrew1047

    That is a sweet looking phone.

  • Clint

    Wow. Microsoft should be talking to them for interface design. At least it LOOKS appealing, unlike the absolutely 1988 4 Color DOS design Microsoft currently uses for their phones in their so called Tiles….vomit….

  • Apple4Life

    The bottom grills… is it a speaker grill or for ventilation?

  • Danll

    This is just a Reference Design. The actual production units will be different.

  • Qadan

    Sounds like you shuold be paid up though and be all covered for the season.Disclaimer: You’ll need to check with Real for the final say. I can’t comment on their billing system.