Rogers extends free Galaxy Tab 10.1 promo until February 6th

Ian Hardy

January 4, 2012 9:39am

Rogers has decided to start the year off right by extending their 2011 holiday promos into 2012. To begin, the first month free or free incoming calls promo has been given an extended life until January 16th. Next, several devices are still marked down to $0.01 on a 3-year, namely the LG Optimus 3D, Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G, Xperia arc and Play. Finally, their free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 promo is now on until February 6th – to get this free tablet you’ll have to activate 2 new lines on either a couples plan or a family voice & data plan.

More here at Rogers

  • Ron

    Hmmm, not too many people signing their lives away in exchange for “shiny stuff”, or is Rogers doing incredibly well with these offers?

    You decide.

  • Dimitri K.

    Well The phones they have had on that Promo for $0.01 sent has been on that promo for at least 2-3 months now. I see no point to this promo seeing as already people are seeing Rogers is not changing it up a bit. Only 2 phones in that hole free list are good. They need to add a few better phones for that price i suggest.

    To the Tablet offer i see no point because why would anyone want to sign 2 new contracts to get a free Tablet? The only way i can understand if its a family plan where both parties are going to sign up for it. If you sign up for 1 line you get it for $!79.99. To be honest i would never get a tablet from Rogers because they make you put a data plan with it.

    You made also a mistake Ian on the Free incoming OR the free month. Rogers gives you BOTH if you sign up for a 1-2-3 year term. Already called & asked to confirm this. My Buddy signed up for this plan about a few weeks ago at Future shop when he got the raider & Rogers gave him both.

  • SAM


  • Alex Perrier

    Or get their cable Internet and TV home services.

    The problem is, the Galaxy Tab was sold for $150 on a one-year to employees, as Syrup confirmed earlier. For Rogers to claim that the Tab is worth “$650” is quite exaggerated. i’d rather buy the Tab at a a discounted price, without any contract of any sort.

    i can only see slow to moderate sales as the reason for extending promotions. WIND’s been doing that for the $29/month plan. Mobilicity too, for their “how are they making money!?” $12.50/month plans. Ditto for Koodo and Virgin. Of course, expect some crazy stuff around Valentine’s, from 100 “free” minutes to $69/month plans.

  • XER

    A tablet is getting outdated quicker than any smartphone. With the Asus Transformer and the not too distance iPad 3, Samsung’s tablet looks dated already.

    2 people with 3 year contract??? Rogers, you got to be out of your mind!

  • Leo

    Looks like Rogers still have lots of these Galaxy pad left.

  • Jason

    It’s doubtful that this tablet is going to get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) anyway… I just bought the Motorola Xoom at Staples for $388 which is confirmed to receive ICS.

    It also wasn’t clear to me that you only got the Galaxy tab if you chose from the 5 phones in the carousel.

    • Dylan K

      It’s the plan that makes the difference. As long as it’s on the Family V+D plan, you can pick whatever phone you want.

    • beer baron

      Your are incorrect – the tab 10.1 is getting ICS – its only the original tab and original nexus..all out in Q1 sometime.

    • DOUG

      the galaxy tab 10.1 is confirmed ics more than a month ago.. same with sgs2.. do your research.

  • Dylan K

    I’m happy they’re extending the promo. As a rep, It’s not too often I get to give stuff like this away to people. And the customer gets a neat toy to play with.

  • Dave

    Looks like this was not such a hot promo for Roger’s after all…not only have they extended it, they were also doing a fire sale of the Tab to their employees for $150 each…someone in Roger’s was a little too “optimistic” when they ordered the inventory from Samsung – they must be sitting on a ton of stock!

    • Dimitri K.

      Well Dave Rogers thought that we would be stupid to Sign up 2 new lines to get the tablet for free. I can understand if you have a family that wants to sign up for a family plan in which gets you it for free but if you are just going to do it to get it for free then its pretty lame / dumb. Yes i know some of US do not have the money to get it but i rather have no tablet then paying for 2 extra lines i will not use.

      Yes i know you can sell the lines on Kijiji but i rather not put my own money to sell the lines seeing as i paid for the phones & all as well.

    • DOUG

      they have actually been on backorder.. i think it was just getting them a lot of 3rs so they extended it.

  • Adriel

    This promo has totally driven down the price. Kijiji Edmonton is chock full of people reselling their 10.1 tabs.

  • dealerrep

    Rogers has tons of these tabs left. They are not selling well at all. I picked mine up for 200$ upfront then will receive 100$ credit on my account with a 21.93$/mth 1 year contract. In total I expect to pay after 1 year about $363. After 1 year, i will switch the tab to my data share SP plan and share the data with my phone.

    The tablet is a great device, my gf was playing around with the 10.1, the htc version and she won an ipad2 from work, i asked her which tablet she likes the most and she said she enjoyes the samsung tablet the most, go figure.

    • Eric Brusse

      How did you get THAT deal? Here in Winnipeg Rogers is asking $350 for the tablet with a $45 activation fee and 3 year minimum $21.83/month data plan. Their Galaxy tab is also locked to Rogers.

  • Jesse

    That desperate eh?

  • Kushracer

    Actually it’s not a bad deal for me as I had to add a line for my son. Got 1extra line, 17.50/month and a Samsung Galaxy S2LTE for 50$. The tab only cost 149.00 and no contract at all on the tab 10.1. Wifi only! Two devices is better than 1 on a 3 year that’s for sure.

    • DOUG

      the tabs from rogers should all be 3g, you just have to get a sim for it..

  • G

    I’ve been waiting 30 days now for my GalTab. Considering I live in the GTA, and Rogers is sitting on a pile of them, the wait is getting a bit long and I’m starting to get the run-around. Pretty dissapointed.

  • robert

    I’ve been waiting since the beginning of December for mine.
    I suggest you escalate your case to a Rogers customer service manager. Get a case number in case you need to escalate higher.

    Ps You will never get to speak with a supervisor at The Rogers Promotions Centre.