Bring temporary root access to any HTC Android device with TacoRoot

Daniel Bader

December 31, 2011 12:16pm

It may have a funny name, but TacoRoot is all business. Some HTC Android devices have obtained full and permanent root access, but there are others, especially some newer ones, that need an unlocked bootloader to achieve such things. And we know with some of them that is not entirely possible.

Enter TacoRoot. The exploit allows you to achieve root access without having to perform multiple frustrating steps — just one line of code through ADB seems to do the trick. The exploit is a single file that, once injected and activated, will provide command-line superuser access as well as through the GUI using the Superuser app from the market.

While most HTC devices released in Canada have the option to unlock their bootloader through HTCDev, doing so will reset your phone to factory settings. If you are merely looking to remove some carrier bloatware or use Titanium Backup, this solution seems much cleaner.

Check it out over at Rootzwiki.

  • Mark

    Honestly all phones/mobiles/technology aside, those tacos are making me hungry.

  • Matt

    If this works, Ill be majorly impressed. There are enough apps I just want to rid myself of.

  • Matt

    Wait… this only works for HTC phones? SMH. I should learn to read. Too tipsy I guess.

  • zar

    where was this 6 months ago? 🙂 could’ve made my life somewhat easier to root my phone 🙂