Day 7 of 10c Android apps brings Doodle Jump, Flight Control

Daniel Bader

December 12, 2011 8:17am

Happy Monday, folks! Day 7 of the 10 billion downloads, 10c app promotion continues for Android users today, and we have some excellent games like Doodle Jump and Flight Control. It seems that they’ve given up on productivity apps in recent days, and now it’s all games all the time.

See the full list below, but note that two apps, Beautiful Widgets and Soundhound, are repeated from previous days.

Doodle Jump
Flight Control
Roll in the Hole
When I Get Bigger
Super KO Boxing 2
Blow Up
Block Breaker 3
Flick Soccer

More 10 cent apps here via the the Android Market
Source: Android Central

  • TK

    SoundHound is being offered again as well

  • Dhurr

    Too many games, not enough actual apps that people can get some use out of imo

  • EmperumanV

    I agree with you Dhurr plus they’re also apps for kids or rather games for them. I believe that the age gap of most Android users is probably between the ages of 16 – 26/27? Then again I bet that people who are above that age gap probably use an Android device and do have kids.

  • yesiconcur

    Agreed. As much as I love all the 10cent apps and have bought most of them (skipped on the really kiddy ones), I would rather see some actual apps like productivity apps, financial apps, etc.

  • FrankP

    Queue the complaining.

    Thanks Google for the offers!

    • Adam

      No kidding eh?

      Would be nice if they had some productivity apps, but comeon, it’s a sale for $0.10 paid apps. You’re not entitled to anything, just get what you’re interested in and quit complaining.

      I’ve bought almost every app that’s on sale, even if I only use it a handful of times, I can always download it again later on if I don’t need it right away. With the exception of the really kiddy games.

      Thanks Google!

  • Alpha

    Picked up Flight Control (HD) for iOS yesterday for free. I wonder if I need another copy for a dime…

  • Alex Perrier

    i’m all for having unique apps and non-game apps. If Google wanted everyone to spend $10 (10¢ x 100 unique apps = $10), then they should include a greater and better selection of special apps.

    The experience for me has been rather glitchy. Sometimes, yesterday’s apps still showed up as 10¢, and that’s not including the repeats. i got a refund for Beautiful Widgets, which excluded anything really useful. For Shazam Encore, i had to buy it, get a refund, then buy it again to get it to install and work properly. Annoying, but oh well!

    Here are some “Compliments of BlackBerry” apps which were available for 10¢ each on Android:

    – SimCity Deluxe ~ sadly couldn’t get it :'( *
    – Shazam Encore
    – The Sims 3
    * because the LG Optimus One/Chic doesn’t support it.

    Overall, i just wish that there would be no repeats, especially ho hum ones like “Beautiful” Widgets. This is still a generous offer from Google, and it goes way beyond RIM’s “Compliments” apps: 12 free BB apps versus 80 to 95 Android apps at 10¢ each. 😀

  • nick m

    People still find things to b***h about.

  • Chase

    They could have just not done it at all. But people always find something to complain about.

  • Hammam

    I love people that b!tch about people that b!tch…the irony!