Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Virgin Mobile)

Ian Hardy

December 6, 2011 9:30pm

Update: This contest is now closed and we’re happy to announce that Forum member Forum member “Flagg” has won the Galaxy Nexus!! [More here]

How’s this for a contest? The glorious Samsung Galaxy Nexus is up for grabs! This is hooked onto Virgin Mobile and is filled with Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!

This latest Android powered device can easily be yours, to enter you have to either:  Follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter (@mobilesyrup), “Like Us” on Facebook (, Google +, or join our Forum ( All current Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Forum members are automatically entered. This contest closes December 19th and we’ll announce the winner shortly after.

Good luck to all who enter!

  • Marco

    Could you include in the automatically added people the ones that circle you on G+?

  • Nicholas

    Good luck everyone!

  • Beso

    Super cool !!! Nice! xD

  • MauiLove

    OH yeah!!! This is the ONE i would LOVE to WIN!!!!! Good luck y’all and thanks again Mobile Syrup! 🙂

  • Cole Mackenzie

    ill take this 🙂

  • Nascar39

    OMG! Awesome! Crossing my fingers for this one!

  • Spot The Loon

    I have everything crossed I humanly can. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! Before I cramp up. lol

  • arber

    I wish I could win a mobikesyrup contest 🙁

  • Raymond Carpentier

    Stellar this Galaxy !

  • Accophox

    Just a note – would you believe that the forums have 42k members, but of that, about only 4.5k have 1 or more posts? 😉

    • KnightFire

      Oh?! Does one have to post in the forum and not simply be a lurker?

  • Jennifer

    Yes This is fantastic! Contests are fun 😀

  • Matthew Young

    who wouldnt!!

  • RyanLaker

    I always thought the Nexus phones were unlocked.

  • Melloyellow

    + 1 post LOL. Good luck to everyone.

  • DarkisFever

    Come on! If I don’t win this one it shall be mine this summer!

  • Mike D

    Sweet.. I need a new phone mine is dead!

  • Matt R


  • disfordelaney

    id kill to win this puppy.. it would save me a mess of cash buying it

  • Anna

    i want this!

  • Sean

    Ummm don’t the Nexus’ come unlocked

  • Nexus

    Great phone. I work for virgin and would love to get one of the puppies 🙂

    Good luck everyone


  • Mike

    DO WANT.

  • kenn

    Nice I want one

  • Leifalicious

    Oooooh … me likey!

  • milesclarence

    this would be brilliant.

  • monsterduc1000

    Yes please!

  • Andy Rubin

    Come one you have to pick me look at my name 😛

  • Nishant Bhatt

    I love this phone SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

  • jayjay

    This one I would REALLY like! 😉

  • bob


  • Kimberlee

    Google Nexus is my dream phone:)

  • Steph


  • the wise one

    amazing phone

  • jewfei

    wow, that would be a dream come true…

  • Miknitro

    Just got to love Mobilesyrup for so many things!

  • cooper

    Wouldn’t mind one haha. It’s a fantastic phone and whoever wins it will be happy with out a doubt.

    Good luck folks!

  • GaganS

    Ahh, I would love to have this!

  • Karano Matthews

    good luck guys …

  • Daniel Lui

    Sounds like a great contest. I’d like to win one.

  • Fahmid Momen

    Hey hey I would love me that Galaxy S Nexus!! 🙂

  • Al

    Wow, day before release you host this. Nice!

  • Kelly

    intergalactic planetary

  • Loic

    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant that phone! Common i worth it!!

  • brendan88

    Amazing contest as usual from MobileSyrup, good luck everyone! This looks like an amazing phone 🙂

  • B_ren

    This would make for one awesome Xmas present! Hope I win and good luck to everyone

  • Jean ch

    nice i want one like this

  • Matt

    Good luck!!

  • Samuel Ho

    must win must win!!

  • FryingPan

    I never win contests, plus I took an arrow to the knee! 😛 Haven’t I been through enough? 😛 trololol

    looks awesome

  • Humanmind

    Please let this be my santa gift!!!!!!!

  • Jordan lupo

    Yeee buddy

  • Beanie Wong

    I would crap myself and eat my s**t for that phone.



  • ICA

    Very nice indeed.

  • JB

    this would be amazing!!! Good luck to everyone!

  • BR_Impulse

    And the contests keep rolling in with more awesome phones! Would love to win this one for sure! Thanks MobileSyrup! Good luck to all!!

  • Larry

    I love ice cream sandwiches.

  • ZeFoutch

    zomg…i want it !

  • shen

    omg i want it lol

  • focuszts2003

    i need a newwww phone 🙂

  • Terry

    Hope i can win this phone. Thank you Mobile Syrup!

  • Jack

    Man that would make a AWESOME christmas gift, for me of course!

    Retweeted the contest now PICK ME PLEASE!!! 😀

  • Sohail Ali

    i didnt win nexus S .. may be because galaxy nexus is what i want :p

  • irf

    hope i win

  • JS

    🙂 My hubby really wants this it would be nice to win it 😉

  • d_stayus

    That would be an awesome Christmas gift!!!

  • AdamUpNorth

    I’ve been a good boy this year Santa….

  • Rory

    Just yes yes yes yes

  • Matt

    Would love it!

  • Kyouya

    I wonder if that specific virgin phone is compatible with Telus….

  • asiyam

    now thats what i’ve been waiting for!

  • michael

    ok, i want this one.

  • Cell Addict

    As per usual, this would be the best XMAS PRESENT EVER! 🙂

  • Mathieu

    Damn, I want this phone.

  • dj

    i need this !

  • Cyrus

    Can I haz?

  • Van G


  • Alex

    Crossing my fingers.. Plz!!!!! ^_^

  • Wonderz

    me likey

  • Aaron

    mobilesyrup gives away a ridiculous number of phones, I must say.

  • Thoughtful

    Never have my fingers been crossed so tightly O_O

  • cracktight

    This phone does not even come choose to my Nokia 2720 flip phone that has a tiny tiny screen, crappy camera, the back battery cover keeps popping off,,,, man I need some new tech gear.

  • Akshar Dave

    wooww!!!me this time…

  • brandon

    what a sick contest! merry christmas mobilesyrup this would be the best gift ever

  • Alex Mediati

    drool! I want me a galaxy nexus

  • Pat Clark

    I would love to win this for my hubby.

  • Shervin

    yay please?

  • shawn

    This is what I’m waiting for!!

  • Andrew

    need to win win win.

  • Jared Bedi


  • zar

    I think I will actually create a forum account JUST for this 😀 … best of chances to everyone

  • V L

    incredible contest as always….so want to win this.

  • Pearson

    Clearly, Santa loves me to much to not not give me this early christmas present =3

  • TJ S

    It’s awesome that Mobile Syrup does these contests! Hope to win Galaxy Nexus, like the rest of the thousands of people here. Cheers everyone!

  • Jonathan Bennett

    another amazing contest by an awesome phone reviewer!

  • M

    I wish

  • dogpile

    This would make the perfect gift for my girlfriend – MS ROCKS!!

  • David Evans

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • sean

    i want

  • shane alexander

    done, done and done..

  • ih8reno

    How thoughtful a phone with Vigin, and one that won’t have a tester team here in Quebec, enough to convert me to an Android fanboy!

  • Lalit Tudu

    this is awesome

  • Lobe De Asis

    I wouldn’t mind one.. why thanks… lol

  • Jimmy

    Its my birthday on Thursday, that’s all.

  • David N

    best giveaway of the decade! goodluck!

  • Tabish Syed

    Keep em coming mobilesyrup!!!!!

    Grats ro winners !!!

  • Tania N

    I’d be the happiest person alive if I won this!!! 😐

  • J Wright

    hope I win thanks it would make a great Christmas for me

  • parjea

    I win!

  • Richard L.

    Mmmmmmm… i’d like me some ice cream sandwich 🙂

  • Fenrir767


  • Jim Smith

    You betcha- I’d love to win!

  • Jimbo

    Way to go Mobilesyrup. Pass it over here!

  • andrea

    i could really use a new phone! love virgin mobile too!

  • Vineet

    waiting for this for so long….

  • AP27

    Good luck everyone!!

  • farhan

    Wow My gift

  • BM

    hook me up man!

  • vray12

    i would LOVE to WIN!

  • Ryan

    What a great present this would be!

  • OJ

    Me plz

  • OptiL

    Gimme gimme!

  • edved

    count me in!

  • Dian Anderson

    I need a new phone, Virgin is my provider this is perfect

  • V @ The Magic Network

    Sweet! Followed you on twitter and retweeted your tweet about the contest (@themagicnetwork). Cheers!


    gotta win and get rid of my NOKIA that wont update.

  • Bob

    if anyone has purchased one from virgin mobile can you please confirm that it is unlocked?

  • SaHiL

    Give me. Give me! I want to love Mobilesyrup more than I already do!!

  • Kyle

    Best hoiday gift, or BEST holiday gift?

  • Bryan

    I would love to win this… esp. since it’s not out west till new year!

  • Fruvous

    I want!

  • kimminer

    Terrific ph. Thanks

  • Eric

    Need a new phone, and this is the one I`ve been eyeing

  • Kelly K

    Tech keeps getting better.

  • Neil

    This would be the most awesome X-mas gift I’ve ever gotten!!!

  • Mike E

    OMG, I will be your slave to win this. I am now worshiping the phone gods.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    I’d like this.

  • allison

    Great giveaway

  • Steve Dion

    Pick me, pick me! Plz.

  • Mac


  • bjtheone

    Great stocking stuffer

  • Mary Withrow

    Be so Awesome for Christmas!
    I’ll Tweet @MaryWithrow1

  • MrMarvelous

    My god, would love to win a Galsexxxxxy Nexus! *butter ups Mobile Syrup* You big, strong, mobile website for Canadians, you! 😉

  • PranavS

    Nice phone. Samsung FTW 😀

  • HO


  • Li

    the phone i have right now is Motorola W375….. i need a super smart phone badly….

  • Laura Kahn

    I need a phone bad. Thanks for the contest

  • shaggyskunk

    I’ll take mine Extra VIRGIN, please!

  • mohammed

    Good luck !

  • Thao Chung

    Me me me

  • Aaron Perry


  • Adnan

    Looks like a great phone. I will have to eventually pick it up even if I don’t win this.

  • charrion

    Want, need, covet, etc.

  • Beanie Wong

    i would love this phone

  • Pierre-Marc


  • Jon

    Virgin Mobile USA, Y U No carry Galaxy Nexus.

  • Andrew

    I want in!!! PLEASE!!

  • Martin

    :O -drools- i … want … it

  • varun gupta

    This phone and mobile syrup guys are full of awesomeness!

  • Winnie King

    I would love to win this..good luck to all!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Ranbir

    Can I win this phone for my birthday?

  • Deb C.

    Drool…! I want one! Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone. 🙂

  • Deb C.

    I would LOVE to win this for my son because I broke his laptop CONTESTING (oops!) and I’m broke! D’oh! Good luck everyone, happy holidays 🙂

  • technodork

    I reallllllllllly need one of these =[

  • Wilson

    never won anything thing. Hope I win:)

  • kimminer


  • Liz

    Great contest!! I liked on FB under Amy Smith.

  • w

    best android phone yet!

  • kimminer


  • kimminer


  • KnightFire

    Ah… is it just the phone or does it include a month/year service plan as well?

  • JB

    can’t wait to win this phone! xD

  • rexuslexus

    I would love to win this!!

  • Pierre-Marc

    Want it!!

  • Andrew Liu

    This will be very nice b-day present, just saying.

  • hash

    I really I hope I win cuz I promised my wife a phone for xmas and no money ,so this is my only opportunity get it done

  • Afzal Najam

    Here’s an interesting story. I was going to buy this phone off from a kijiji seller for $630. Apparently, we decided the whole thing and his car got stolen at the last hour.

    The phone…was in that car. :/


  • Bryan

    Another great contest by MS!!!


  • Thao Chung

    Let me in

  • AdamUpNorth

    Merry Christmas!

  • Jason

    I’ve yet to win a single contest on the internet haha but keep trying 🙂
    This would be a sweet X-mas gift.
    Good Luck to everyone.

  • mrtax2005

    im here!

  • missmama

    …the best things in life are free ! (only when it’s from mobilesyrup)..LOL!!

  • tpetrilli

    Ohhh good lord ….. can we have a YEAH !!!!!!!!!

    He he

  • Al B

    Nice prize!

  • Daeshawn

    Ha my Birthday is Dec 19th this would be the ultimate gift!

  • Fawad Ali


  • Tara

    Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oli DC

    must have this holiday!!!

  • Stacey Dempsey

    I mucho mucho “like” you and tweeted @roswello

  • kimminer

    Super contest

  • Samar

    Give all tht goodness to me 🙂

  • Martin

    me 🙂

  • kimminer


  • BadBikerBob

    OK….That’s a nice phone…..Mine sucks…..Nuff said right?

  • Nishant Bhatt

    This is an amazing phone. I would love to have this phone.

  • berto

    wow so many contests, though really this is the one I want to win.

  • Thai

    I will eat a live baby to win this. Thanks.

  • Karla Hynes

    Would love to win this!

  • Angela A

    Pick me!!!!!!!

  • kimminer

    Very wonderful

  • ken

    Pick me pick me. I would love to win a galaxy nexus.

  • Adri

    Amazing! Want one 🙂

  • Nicole

    Would like to upgrade my flip phone to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Virgin Mobile). I would finally look like a cool Mom

  • Tony

    Would be nice to replace my flip phone – thank you. Enjoy the holidays!

  • Tashieka

    I would love to win this! It would make a great Christmas & B-day gift.

  • Tashieka

    I would love to win this!! It would make a great Christmas and B-day gift 🙂

  • Wilson

    I would kill for this phone. Too bad I can’t afford it.

  • Deb Dorrington

    My phone is so old I should get arrested for still using it…I need to win this phone!!! Thank you MobileSyrup and Happy Holidays to all..

  • Ray

    Goodluck! and happy holidays Everyone!

  • Jan

    would love to win this phone. i am on the virgin network also.

  • daniel norr

    Love to win one!

  • kimminer


  • Denny


  • kimminer


  • Alex

    Such an epic prize! Good luck everyone! ….though I hope I beat you all and win it myself 😉

  • Marlene V

    I am a forum member — thanks for the chance to win.

  • Hardev

    I don’t win often so pick me!

  • kimminer

    Wonderful contest

  • kimminer

    wonderful contest thanks

  • Steven Chi

    My god, I wanna win the 9900 🙂

  • rich washington

    Nice. Looks like a power phone.

  • Larry Yonish


  • gary


  • Mw

    Congrats Flagg!

  • Cutieeboo

    omg omg i want this soo bad pleasee let me win i’ll do anything 😉

  • Cutieeboo

    merry christmas everbody thankyou mobilesyrup u guys rock!!!

  • zainab

    thanks again Mobile Syrup!

  • Jim Casebere

    looks great

  • Goitsemang

    can i please have this one