Various sales happening this weekend

This is supposed to be the busiest shopping weekend of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday will both see huge discounts on various products here in Canada, nothing like the States (video of Walmart craziness below). Apart from the carrier monthly rate plan discounts, BlackBerry Playbook price cuts, we’ve listed a few deals below here that you might want to take advantage of… but make sure you let others know what you’re finding.

Best Buy:
- Depending on what model of iPad 2 you check out, prices fall between $40 – $60 [Read here]
- TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X (Hercules) drops to $49.99 on 3-year, plus $50 gift card [Read here]
- Bell LG Optimus LTE slashed by 50% to $74.99 on 3-year [Read here]

Future Shop:
- Rogers Motorola RAZR drops to $0 on 3-year [Read here]
- Bell Samsung Galaxy S II is free on 3-year [Read here]
- iPad 2 also drops between $40 and $60 [Read here]

- Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is $99.99 on 1-year contract [Read here]

- HTC Amaze and Samsung Galaxy S II X both $49.99 on 3-year [Read here]

- Offering $75 Gift Card on select Android devices [Read here]

- iPad 2 drops by $50 on all models [Read here]

  • foxbox

    I know the Play is an old phone, but I like the idea of the “sale” not being on the price of the phone but rather the length of the contract.

    Hope this catches on and makes telcos more comfortable with shorter contracts…

  • Mathieu

    So nothing really interesting except if you need to sign a 3-years contract.
    In this case, you can negotiate pretty much all devices for 0$ when you’re about to sign a 3000$ contract.

  • ADCS

    Future shop also has the Telus S II X on for $49.99 on 3 year term.

  • Alex Perrier

    Yay, a $100 Play for a 1-year contract! No prepaid deals, sadly. :(

  • Greg

    Wish there were some real deals happening that didn’t involve 3 year jail terms…. maybe 100 bucks off an outright phone…?

  • Stephen Doctor

    Somethings to be said for the crazy rip off prices on the “select” one year plans. 50 bucks for 4GB? right.

  • Rich

    Any hardware on a 3 year contract should be free to begin with.

  • XER

    Sign no contracts!

  • Mattymo

    The link to the RAZR does not work. Just thought id point that out.


    why not post mobilicity deals?

  • bummy

    the only stand outs from this list is the 1-year X-Play, and the NEW RAZR thats for 0$ 3 year already.

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