Apple patent reveals a shock-mounted glass overlay for mobile devices is in the works

Daniel Bader

November 17, 2011 3:01pm

Apple has filed a patent for a system that would help a mobile device such an iPhone detect an impending drop and “protect” itself with a shock mount, or in one use case, retractable glass. The patent is fairly in-depth, but portions of it pertain to a more robust glass or glass-like construct made out of sodalime or borosilicate.

One of the more interesting aspects of the patent filing is a system of sensors that are able to vibrate at frequencies that would dampen the shock from the impact of a hard surface. The idea is to distribute the shock evenly throughout the surface of an object to prevent glass from cracking. Further chemical applications could strengthen the glass even more.

While there is no guarantee the patent will be implemented into a device, it does a lot to address the main concern of the iPhone 4’s design: its glass front and back.

Source: Patently Apple


  • Nobel

    Hmm. At last?? Good, Apple is learning from Samsung and other companies.

  • Graham J

    There’s a difference between developing and submitting a patent, particularly with Apple. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions here.

  • JohnisGay

    This sounds like it will add way too much thickness…

  • Indira

    Finally an improvement! Now you’ll have to drop your phone TWICE to crack the glass, and not just once as it is now. I LOVE YOU, APPLE! PLEASE TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY!

  • mars

    so which is it? did they patent it or filed for patent? this site is starting become a 2nd hand bgr website.

  • kad

    i am going to patent patenting

  • lolapple


  • ruddias

    I love how they “INVENTED IT”… how naive is everyone to not recognize gorilla glass? its a sad day when everyone believes everything outta apples mouth… its came to the point where i am surprised I’m not the only one in my friends group that knows what an Android is..

  • _ThaNerd_

    I just invented the thinnest, lightest, infinite battery power, crack free cell phone! Wait let me make my little bro draw it for you…Apple is a JOKE!

  • iDonkey

    Never mind the shock-mounted glass, try to fix the batteries problems and the lousy IOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 first ok.

  • Jonny

    Yay! Siri can be saved!