Android tablets receive newly-designed Netflix app, iPad coming soon

Daniel Bader

November 16, 2011 7:16am

We Canadians had long been left out of the goodness of Netflix on Android, but when it arrived in October it was immediately compatible with phones and tablets. The tablet interface, however, left a lot to be desired and today it’s nice to see the company iterating quickly on improving the software. While the update affects only Android tablets at the moment, the same interface will arrive on iPads in the coming weeks.

The company’s blog says that the “design is much more immersive and provides greater focus on the growing number of titles in the Netflix catalog,” and they’ve “taken greater advantage of the tablet’s unique features, inviting you to swipe through rows of titles featuring larger artwork.”

So now you can watch your Mad Men and Breaking Bad with a little more aesthetic precision. Let us know how to like the update.

Source: Anandtech

  • Domingo

    I’ll be more impressed when they get more content as I’m about to dump them. I rarely find something I’m looking for and when you can simply download movies as easily as you can now, I find myself asking wtf am wasting money on Netflix for.

    • Randy – 1

      No legitimate service will ever be able to compete with illegal downloads.

      For $7.99/month (no tax even!)Netflix is one of the best entertainment deals out there. I think it’s meant to be a browse and discover service more so than searching for specific titles. You can’t really expect to have unlimited blockbusters just out of theatres for less than eight bucks a month.

  • jeremy

    Looks nice, but feels bad. It’s slow to scroll around and occasionally crashes when starting a video.

    I wish Netflix didn’t force client updates. It’s annoying to be pushed onto a new client that works worse than an older one.