Rogers BlackBerry Curve 9360 in White expected to launch November 15th

Kate O'Brien

November 1, 2011 1:03pm

Start lining up now… Dummy devices started to arrive last week in stores, but it seems that Rogers is expected to release the BlackBerry Curve 9360 in White on November 15th with the following prices: $49.99 on a 3-year to $349.99 outright.

Interested? Passing? Buying?

Source: CrackBerry

  • Sophiya

    RIM should focus on their new upcoming OS instead of making more new devices every few months..

    • Whereishe?

      Where is the guy telling us that “the keyboard is bigger than the screen”?

  • Brayden

    Same old junk, just in a different colour. I’ll stick with my S2.

    • Alrighty

      @Brayden I think if you have an S2, you’re not really the target market for the Curve 9360.

  • dave (former blackberry owner)

    who cares…waste of news space

  • Alex Perrier

    Like i’ve said before, RIM could lower the price of the BlackBerry if they just made a few colours of it. Black and pink are fine. But white, red (Torch), baby blue and purple (both for old Curve) is just increasing SKUs, a risky move.

    If RIM made a popular device like an iPhone, SGS II or Nexus, then yeah, add the white as a second colour (or third for Curve). However, instead of releasing so many colours, they should focus on BlackBerry X and its devices.

  • AndroidBunny

    Pretty much what all of you said ^


    “Start lining up..”?? Really? Really now? Since when is this a MUST HAVE device?

  • Android rules

    I only want to hear information about android devices on this site from now on, anything else is irrelevant. Android is life, yay android. I’d take an android phone over a girl any day. Yay Android

    • loool

      For sure you will take it over any girl, because nobody wants to be with you so it doesn’t matter.. lol I love Androids but your comment is funny

  • Moblier

    Rogers and RIM…both a little behind the curve. Not that I would buy this phone but it’s already launched few weeks ago. And RIM? Well, you know…

  • EC

    if they keep releasing s**t like this, rim WILL die

    hell the white doesnt even match up, looks terrible

  • Pahech

    This isn’t a Bold offering from RIM. Sure, it’s a bit behind the Curve, and unlikely to Torch anyone’s desire to Storm into the shops to purchase one, but this white BB does look like a Pearl. It’s Style isn’t for everybody, but it may be worth a Tour to a Roger’s shop if you are big on texting on a Quark-like budget. Seriously, you don’t have to Flip out just because RIM comes out with something that may not be Charm-ing to you. You can’t expect Electron-like speed in this device, but at least it adds to the silly word-usages.

  • Er

    Forget about the 9360 in white, when is the 9900 coming out in white??

  • Dave

    If they remove that ugly Robbers logo in the bottom that would be a nice looking phone indeed.