Facebook app for Windows Phone updated to version 2.2, supports Mango

Ian Hardy

October 31, 2011 8:05am

Facebook app for Windows Phone has been updated to support OS 7.5 Mango – this gives you the ability to pin selected elements of the app such as events, Messages and Newsfeed, supports toasts and tile notifications and overall performance improvements.

Download Facebook app for Windows Phone 7.5 here in Marketplace

  • Redth

    Still no support for groups? Lame.

  • Alex Perrier

    They are basically two companies which i am not a fan of. But at least Metro looks pretty!

    i guess we’ll have to wait for Nokia to create lots of handsets. Competition will push innovation. And Nokia absolutely loves AWS. 🙂

  • Stefan

    Wow, that has to be the best looking Facebook app for any mobile OS. Damn.

  • Kenny

    Quit Facebook months ago and haven’t looked back. Twitter is much more useful, on that note, when the hell is the WP Twitter app gonna be updated? I know Mango has it all integrated, but I use the app more often than not.

  • Jon

    Hope it works better then the one for Android.