Nexus One not getting Ice Cream Sandwich update, Nexus S coming “within weeks”


  • dutchman13

    So less than 4 weeks…

  • Erik

    This is why I sold my nexus one. It was fairly easy to tell that google abandoned it after gingerbread.

  • KidCanada

    Hey atleast they keep their promises unlike RIM -_-. 6 Months we waited for the Playbook to release and 6 months for OS 2.0 :'(

  • Chris

    Haha, at least they didn’t say “a couple weeks” the Nexus One Gingerbread update was coming out in a couple weeks for a couple months. 🙂

  • northy

    was a good run for the Nexus one, from where it started to wherre it is now,,,

    will keep it as my back up phone

    now to wait for my new nexus

  • Gab



    • Brandon

      It’s “You’re Welcome”, not “YOUR WELCOME”.

      Pot, meet Kettle.

  • kenypowa

    Kinda disappointed, but I’m on the custom ROM since day one. CM9 for the win.

  • Andy

    This means I should get ics on my captivate s.hortly thereafter

  • Hub

    The iPhone 3GS is older and run the latest iOS. WTF Google?

    • bob

      True but is lacking most features of it.

    • Gilad Gefen

      Yeah, it may run it, but at what cost to processing power?

    • boojay

      Keep it in mind, it took an iphone 5 (4s) /w iOS 5 before Apple could even run Android 1.5

    • Graham

      Albeit a crippled version of it. I don’t know why people freak out about this. Eventually software upgrades to the point that it requires better hardware. That is why some people are still using windows xp lol. They need to buy a new computer to run 7.

    • gjac0m

      @Bob like what?

    • Sam

      Which feature? It runs everything the 4S runs except Siri and HDR (because of camera-hardware limitations), and the Siri-argument is more of a marketing one than anything : “You want Siri? Buy a new iPhone!”

    • Tom

      True, but even though the N1 was a great phone, the sad truth of the matter is that Apple sold about a million 3GS for every 1 N1 that was sold (in the first 6 months of its life, the N1 was pretty much non-existent here in Canada).

      So I would suggest that economics is at play: it is much harder for Google to justify the expense of getting ICS onto the N1.

    • john

      AirPlay mirroring is lacking too

    • InfinitiGuy

      Unlike iOS 5, ICS actually has improvements that require better hardware to use them. iOS is the same old tired OS that Apple fools people into believing is something new.

  • boojay

    XDA to the rescue!

    Are they abandoning the Nexus One the same way Sony Ericsson stopped providing updates for the X10 after 1.6? If so, bring it on!!

    • Tom

      That’s not really a valid comparison (with SE): the N1 has received 18 months of updates and I think that’s about as much as you can expect with a modern, fast growing OS.

      And yet, as you suggest, I’m sure XDA, Cyanogen, and friends will somehow find a way to get ICS into an N1 and probably make it work even better then the official releases of ICS!

    • gjac0m

      But they came back providing Eclair (2.1) and Gingerbread (2.3) :p

  • S S

    Ian: Minor typo in the last line, should be “ICS” not “ISC”. Keep up the good work!

    • letsgoRIM

      … and this is why the Media should start referring to it as Android 4.0
      Ice Cream Sandwich is the internal code name name. Its shorter to type and doesn’t confuse people without a sweet tooth.

      Android 4.. from now on please.

    • boojay

      I thought it was CSI?

      sorry, couldn’t help it 😀

  • gjac0m

    This is ridiculous. Both the Nexus One and the Nexus S have an almost identical hardware.

    • Tom

      No they don’t.

    • gjac0m

      @Tom Except internal memory, they have same specs. Ok, the Hummingbird CPU is faster than the first gen Snapdragon (correct me if I’m wrong) but what the reason? Both have 512Mb of RAM, 1Ghz singlecore CPU, WVGA display…?

    • bob

      The CPUs are about as fast. But the SGX540 completely destroys the Adreno 200 in the Nexus One.

    • boojay

      You’re confusing the iphone 4 with the 4s……..and the 3gs, and 3g, and so on, and so on.

  • John Lee

    Never mind ICS; I want the pinch-to-zoom fixed on my N1!

    • Jay

      it will never be fixed, hardware issue

  • Oranges

    While this is kinda disappointing, I’d imagine most people with a Nexus One are pretty close to upgrading anyway.

    • Geoff

      I’d imagine most people in the US are ready to upgrade. Not so for people here in Canada with our 3 year contracts. The N1 was only released Jan 5, 2010.

      Of course, Google would be considering the US market when they made this decision. Yet another reason why 3 year contracts can screw us Canadians over.

  • ghost

    man thats bullshyt, like it was said earlier if the nexus s is getting the upgrade then for sure the nexus one should get it too since the hardware on the s is only marginally better.
    duma$$ hugo barro had to say something and weak hardware is the what he came up with!!?? pleasee…
    anyone who knows anything knows the n1 can run ics fine but in a business world, u have to force customers to buy a new phone with shyte like this

  • Shamu

    Say it ain’t so TELUS !! I hear Nexus S is going EOL??!!… Why would you discontinue a product that will support ICS prior to the launch of the Galaxy Nexus in Canada at probably a fraction of the cost??? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.. Please keep it going well into 2012

  • Darren

    ..and that’s why I bought a Nexus S for $49 a month ago, not the Sony Xperia Arc that was heavily recommended. I’ll skip the Galaxy Nexus, but likely get the one after that. What’s an “iPhone”, anyway? 🙂

    • bob

      Good choice, I would take the Nexus S too any day before the Xperia Arc. The only advantage of the Arc is the larger display.

  • Daniel

    Hmm makes me wary though, does that mean every 2 year old phone will be useless to get updates from Google then? ( i.e like Galaxy Nexus in 2 years from now? ) although i don’t mind getting a new phone it seems like a lot of money to get a new phone for everytime my old phone can’t keep up and it’s really not even THAT old

  • THF

    So does this mean “within weeks” of today? Or “within weeks” of the release of the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Dan

    The nexus one has been a great phone and it has had a great run, but an official ICS update would probably kill its ressources for it to be worth it for google to implement.

    As quick as other platform fanboys are quick to jump on the fact that it won’t be getting an update. The beauty of android community is that other developpers (Cyanogen and XDA are just 2 examples) will be providing it with ICS (running amazingly smooth). The android system is open and a hotbed of creativity and not just a closed garden that needs to hold your hand as if you’re a mindless sheep. It rewards ressourcefullness and lets you make the smartphone your own canvas.

  • Nexus S

    Im not disappointed @all as would true Android users.. We love our Nexus phones but cant expect google to create a lower version of ICS just to run on the N1.. I have NS and love it and cant wait for GN!!!

  • Keith

    They crippled it with poor hardware specs from the get-go when they knew what their requirements were going to be in 18 months.

    Now they’ve set an utterly terrible precedent fro all the other Android OEMs. This comes right after they said that any phone running Gingerbread could handle ICS.

  • Chris

    Does this not contradict their claim that any phone which could run Gingerbread can run ICS. I recently sold my Nexus S in anticipation of the Galaxy, and am back to using my Nexus One. I forgot how much better it runs on GB than Froyo. I think this is more Google deciding not to support an outdated handset.

  • Aiden

    I didnt upgrade to 2.3.6 on my Nexus S…even tho it keeps asking me….My question is do i have to do the 2.3.6 update first then get ICS? or will it show me an option to which one i can upgrade to?

  • Noel

    It will be wrong for Google not to update the Nexus one to ICS. If the Nexus S with similar Specs to the N1 can be upgrades to ICS…i would say the N1 is plenty capable to run it. I saw multiple videos yesterday with the HTC Desire with identical specs as the N1 running ICS as smooth as butter. Google should do the right thing and update their own device, they should be working against preventing Fragmentation instead of setting a bad example for the OEMs.