SaskTel releasing the iPhone 4S October 28th

Ian Hardy

October 12, 2011 6:02pm

Regional carrier SaskTel has updated the iPhone 4S “coming soon” page on their website with a date. Customers can expect to have their new iOS device available on October 28th – 2 weeks after the official Canadian release this Friday. Still no word on price points, but you can bet it’ll be the same as all the other carriers.

Also, those on MTS will also launch the iPhone 4S on the October 28th.

More here at SaskTel
(Thanks Michael!)

  • Jack

    Will wait for the Nexus Prime! 🙂

  • Katie

    Yay sasktel!!!

  • ace

    i dont see how this is good. sign a 3 year contract. cant take your phone with you when you finish it, always locked to carrier and can never travel anywhere with the phone. how is that worth the $900 for that kind of mobility? G1 was the best phone I ever bought, and after an iphone, im going back to it, waiting on the prime to be released.

  • Eugenie van Zyl

    I can not wait to buy my iPhone4S tomorrow and I am going to have SASKTEL as my service privider. Why not??