Humour: Dunder Mifflin ready to unleash the Pyramid tablet

Kate O'Brien

October 2, 2011 9:00pm

You want to know the tablet that will compete with all the Android tablets and takeover top spot from Apple’s iPad… it’s the Pyramid. This tablet will soon be “unleashed” by Dunder Mifflin-Sabre and is awkward looking, heavy, has low memory and a poor battery life.

Source: AllThingsD

  • Marcus


  • Miles

    Talk about pyramid schemes.

  • Insider


  • Yaguang

    This sounds like tri-force action.

  • Marc

    It’s bulky, has a terrible battery life and a crap operating system, and will see terrible sales. How is this different from…every non-iPad tablet to date?

    • James_8970

      Evidently you are a little short sided and need to look at alternatives to the ‘oh holy Apple’.

  • Marc

    I take it back. Apparently the Touchpad has been seeing awesome sales!

  • mike

    Seriously guys? This was posted as a joke! It is not real! It is from the show “the office”. Come on, noone thought this was real right?

    • James_8970

      Mike, I suppose you missed the word ‘humour’ in the title. Fail. If you were directing that comment towards a poster, then I don’t see anyone who believed that this was real.

  • mike

    It was towards a poster, not kate who posted this. If people were joking, they have a bad sense of humor

    • Len

      LOL, You don’t get it. Get out of here Buzz Killington, you kill our buzz.

  • Criminalogic ®

    I would still buy one of these over any apple product…

    • Teah Bee

      Me too!

  • primetimecanuck

    I’d like to see Apple try to Photoshop this and file a patent infringement lawsuit.

  • boojay

    I’m gonna sell my iPad 2 for a Pyramid!

  • Dr. Andrade

    This will change everything! 🙂 Ideal for space invaders app too 🙂

  • Satroyd

    Egyptian Tablet… GNARLY ! :3

  • Brad

    Sadly I could see a company genuinely coming up with something like this hahaha