Official Flickr app for Android now available

Ian Hardy

September 29, 2011 6:15am

The official Flickr Android app has been released and is now available to download via the Android Market. The app is free and you’ll need OS 2.1 or higher for it to work. As for features, Flickr reinforces that they have “easy privacy settings” so can share your pics via Twitter, Facebook, email etc. In addition, the app gives you the option to view your images – and your contacts images – in thumbnails, full screen or in slideshow mode. Similar to web version, Flickr also gives you the geotagging options where you can input a title, location and time.

Source: Android Market
Via: PocketNow

  • ryan benson


  • Apple Won

    A garbage app for a garbage platform. Get a real phone! Get an iPhone!

  • Ra

    Real phone is a windows phone not icrap or and….roid.

    Now all the people who have never seen one will tell me that windows phone is not good. 😉

  • Onze

    Stay on topic, i****s.

  • MARS

    6% of mobile phone users in North America agree with you Ra.

  • ra

    @mars so basically everybody who has owns a windows phone agrees that it is a very good platform.

  • ra

    @onze , staying on topic all I can say is, “yeh”