TELUS discounts Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 to $99.99 on 3-year

Ian Hardy

August 29, 2011 11:07am

The new BlackBerry smartphones were released sporadically over the past few weeks, basically available at all Canadian carriers with scattered pricing. Rogers came out with a promo late last week that dropped the new Berry devices to $99.99 on a 3-year. To compete TELUS has decided today that they’ll do the same and reduce the prices of both the 9900 and 9810. The fine print says that “Available for new activations only until September 7, 2011, on a 3-year term with any rate plan and eligible feature combination of $50 or more.”

Source: TELUS

  • crunch204

    Bell has the same, since last friday

  • emc_es7k

    I got the Bold 9900 for my daughter on Saturday at the $99 promo price on renewal with the $55+ student plan.

    • Stimulator

      She let me use it this morning to call a cab. Man, last night was crazy!


    FACT: The keyboards on the Bold and Curve are bigger than the screens.

    Once again, thankyou for your time. Have a good day.

    • Dimitri

      FACT: You are a useless d*****s who keeps posting repetitive things on here

    • RealDeal83

      FACT: you a wrong fan boi

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    • Alex Perrier

      THEORY: Perhaps “Fact Finder” is an alias of Vlad, but instead of praising the iPhone, he disses the BlackBerry.


  • Ken

    Didn’t take long for the big 3 to drop these to $99, wonder how much longer until they are $0?

    • Hermanski

      These phones will not go to $0. Dream on.

      iphone will plummit to $0 once iPhone5 is out and the phone is a repeat of iPhone1/2/3/4/

  • Ronaldo

    iphone is screwed with this pricing now that these phones are $99 as well. Goodbye iPhone!

    • San Quentin

      I work at Telus and they decided to lower the price because no one was buying these phones.

    • Alex Perrier

      Usually, people tend to try the iPod Touch first, then they upgrade to an iPhone if they like it.

      i’ve seen a former BBMer recently upgrade to an iPhone 4. Also, a T-Mobile G1 user switched to the iPhone 4 as well, but they apparently still use Android on the i4. i have yet to ask them why they chose this smartphone instead, but it doesn’t surprises me.

      The 9900 and 9810 are at the same price than the iPhone 4. i have to say that the Torch looks interesting, and is my favourite BlackBerry. Then again, why is there no front-facing camera?

      Somebody please let me know why the BlackBerries are worth the price.

  • RealDeal83

    The 9900 will be free on a three year in about a month, just an FYI.

  • ELNY

    …and where is Rogers? They’re still at 199.99 for each!

  • Plaz

    Oh look, the Big 3 fighting over whose going to **** the customer next.

    Also, $629.99 is NOT the MSRP… that’s Telus’ price to deter you from buying it outright. Wow.

    • Jer

      Wondering would Telus even try to match no term prices of the other 2 if you talked to a rep or walked in their store?

  • Reg

    The $99 price point is appropriate for the Bold and both Torch lines in comparison to most Android offerings. Regardless of which OS you support, each one has a consumer base that would be willing to pay $99 for their newest device. This is a great trend as it looks like competition between the OS and even between carriers is slowly driving prices down. Well for everyone maybe the Apple fanboys lol.

  • anona

    Same with Virgin.

  • kardi

    I wonder when Telus will drop that RIDICULOUS $629.99 outright price for 9900?
    As much as I like Blackberries there is no way I’m signing a 3yr contract in order to get one for $99.99.

  • joe

    49.99 at Tbooth on Rogers for new customers

  • MG

    Blackberries should always be $0. Period.

  • Todd

    why are companies always reducing the contract prices, how bout reducing the outright price as well, now that would be a deal. cause in reality all phones on a 3 year contract should all be at $0. but the real deal is a discount off the full retail price.

  • doubtin thomas

    stop selling us garbage telus come on with some 2011 phones