Videotron Nexus One update to OS 2.3.4 now available

Videotron Nexus One users will be happy today. Android OS 2.3.4 Gingerbread is now available for you to download over the air. Go ahead and upgrade, check Settings > About Phone > System Updates.

Source: Videotron
(Thanks Marco!)

  • vldmmm

    What is that garbage? Get a damn iPhone instead. Don’t use stolen apple tech.

  • Syrenz

    Vlad, don’t you ever get tired of trolling people here? Get a life.

  • mmmGadgets

    old news for early adopters, I’ve had this update for a while now. Looking to retire the ol’ Nexus One next week when the SGS2 drops.

    • kad


      SGS2 doesn’t work with videotron bands …

  • mmmGadgets

    What makes you think I use Videotron?

  • jesseps

    Took them long enough, been running 2.3.4 on my N1 since May and I am with Rogers.

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