Samsung “Mob!lers” contest back on, 16 Canadians will get a free Galaxy Tab 10.1

Kate O'Brien

July 6, 2011 8:05am

The Samsung Canada “Mob!lers” contest is back on this year. This gives 16 Canadians the chance to be Samsung ambassadors for the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1, but more importantly win prizes. There will be four Mob!lers selected from each region: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver and to enter you’ll have to submit a video of why you should become a brand ambassador for them. If you’re chosen you’ll score a Tab 10.1 for free, but then will need to perform various missions that revolve around the Tab 10.1 for other prizes. There’s $1,200 cash up for grabs and also a round trip to an unknown Canadian destination for 3-night worth $6k.

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  • Michael

    Sounds cool… mine!

  • EmperumanV

    I think I should send a video of myself. Time to find the tripod.

  • Hilman

    Where is the Edmonton region (or Ottawa)? I’ll forgive you if you give me a Samsung GT 10.1 😉

  • J

    And what about the rest of canada?

  • Overkill

    They pass by Ottawa again.

  • aviking

    What a completely lame contest.

    So I guess the rest of us peasants can piss of then?

    Samsung the fact that you have limited yourself with the Galaxy S II distribution to one carrier and seem to think that Canada is measured by 4 cities you can take your phone and lame contest and shove it. I will buy an HTC ….If robbers ever gets a decent one.