Contest: Win an HTC Incredible S!

Ian Hardy

June 29, 2011 12:20pm

Update: This contest is now closed – we are thrilled to announced that Twitter follower Charrion has taken home the Incredible S. Congrats! More contests coming up…


Sure this new contest is not as exciting as the HTC Incredible S Treat Truck that’s been going around the streets of Toronto, but hey you could possibly win the Android-powered Incredible S here! Here are the details to get in on this one:

All you need to do to enter your name is one of the following: Follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter (@mobilesyrup) or “Like Us” on Facebook ( As usual, simple and to the point. The contest is open until July 15th at 11:59pm and we’ll announce the winner shortly after. Current Facebook and Twitter followers are automatically entered.

Good luck to all and check out our Incredible S review here.

  • Doug

    Me WANT!!!!!!

  • Richard Lee

    I could really use an awesome phone like that from mobile syrup. Pick me!!!!!

    • Richard Lee

      My current phone which was a nokia 5310 just got destroyed. The screen is scrambled and now i really need a new phone 🙁
      !! Help me out mobile syrup

  • Marty

    Me me me !

  • Adam

    Adam wants!

  • MobileRetweet

    Loyal retweeter! lol

  • @sebascoulombe

    I want it, so I can sell it and buy a SG2 !

    • stgh

      and waste the chance of someone else getting it? thanks. haha

  • GDub

    Great Constest.
    Did I mention you look great today.

  • Eric


  • LifeInAnalog

    … And those clothes don’t make you look fat at all!

  • Danny T

    I work at the source, ill send you guys pictures of exclusive phones when we get them

  • wiley


    Hook me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick G

    it’s pretty…. I could definitely use a phone like this… 🙂

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Another awesome contest. Good luck to all! =)

  • Jamie G

    I would love to try this out… Can’t decide if I should try HTC or stick with Samsung and go GS2 when it comes.

  • JayJay

    Keep up the great giveaways MobileSyrup, you guys rock! Good luck to all 😉

  • Theda Prahl

    OMG, that would be so awesome… finally throw away my old LG…. good luck to everyone, but the crossed fingers in addition for me 🙂

  • Arber


  • Akshar Dave

    super like..:D

  • Julia Loucel

    What an Incredible Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brandon

    count me in! another fanastic contest!

  • Jim

    Once again, great job Mobilesyrup

  • Alex

    another beautiful HTC phone

  • Annie

    I would like one 😀

  • Jen

    I tweeted and like your page 🙂 @jbinvan

  • Farhan Khan

    Nice to have one

  • Andrew Liu

    it will be a nice replacement for my crappy nokia c3.

  • Akin

    i want ^__^

  • Saffant

    Do. Want.

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    Awsome, thank you for this opportunity! @cdhabolt

  • Kev

    I would luv to WIN this phone.. I need new phone soo badly..

  • Octavio

    I want one, please 🙂

  • Andy

    Mobile Syrup thank you guys for all these contests!!

  • clint

    I would like one!!!!!

  • dizzy

    Damn, I literally JUST spent $500 on an unlocked one! 🙁

  • peterH

    Me want….. Please

  • brian j

    yes please

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Tibor wants!

  • dmah

    I would like to have this phone, please!

  • Brad Hall


  • Dondro

    This would indeed solve my current phone quandary.

    Please don’t make me beg.

    P.S. Seriously though, I’ll totally beg. Just say the word.

  • mike

    Come on guy’s
    I’ve yet to win anything this year.

  • ron

    lets see some Incredible

  • V L

    Mobilesyrup with the great givewaways, as usual. Nice.

  • Terence

    Me want! Me no like BlackBerry no mo!

  • Skantha

    awesome phone i like it very much. what a contest in mobilesyrup.

  • Russ T

    Another awesome contest from the best Canadian mobile info site on the web. Winning an Incredible S would be a dream come true!

  • Jay

    I would be more excited if it said “Unlocked” HTC Incredible S… What’s the catch?

  • Eray

    I would love to upgrade to another phone because my cellphone is very old. This contest will be a good opportunity for me! Thank you in advance Mobilesyrup.

  • Ewen Cameron

    Great contest Id love to win this one.

  • BHH

    Wow pick me pick me – I never win!!!!
    Besta phone eva

  • ArupKumar

    mobilesyrup rocks

  • Cindy L

    Like it!!

    • Almitha

      Dear Dr. Kristi,My coworker yalwas wants to play chess, chat about some cool web site, or show me some youtube video when I am trying to work. How do I nicely either tell them to let me work, or quickly put up with their interrupting banter.

  • michael

    I sure could use a new phone.

  • Tiago

    w00t! I would love one

  • Dave

    me please!

  • Penny AuCoin

    This phone is gonna rock!!!!!!! Love the new HTC Sense!! Love HTC phones 🙂

  • David Evans


  • charrion

    My Nexus One is getting a little long in the tooth and this would be a great replacement.

  • Abi

    I have been having HTC experience for years now from the HTC touch to the phone I am using now Google Nexus one and this phone seem like a very good replacement for another HTC experience!

  • mike

    So many contest. This is the place to be everyday.

  • Augustine Law

    this is my dream phone OMG!!!!this is my dream phone OMG!!!!

  • Andre

    htc has one of the best UI’s hands down.. u see a lot of android phones but a lot of disappointing UI’s.

  • Daniel Lui

    I want to win one.

  • Rebellion

    Well it’s a damn beautiful phone, this will be the first contest I actually opted for through like it on Facebook.

    Will I be lucky?

  • Yolanda Wong

    HTC =) great phone!

  • Steeve Francillon

    Me me me pick me!!!!…

  • fahdil

    please ,me this time thanxs

  • Bryan

    Oh man, I need a new phone so bad! Love HTC. Wish Telus would come out with this phone!

  • Jeremy Liao

    retweeted the contest. would love to win!

  • copolii

    gimme gimme gimmme 🙂

  • Rhys

    Want one so bad but can’t afford to replace my junky broken Nokia candy bar feature phone 🙁

  • Ravi Ahuja

    I want to win. I have followed you on facebook.

  • larry

    would love to try the new htc since had very bad experience with previous models

  • Jay

    Take it…thanks M.S.!

  • mike

    Over here, over here !!!

  • Emil Fernandes

    HTC sweetness!

  • 1ace

    amazing contest

  • Karano Matthews

    ii really need a new phone mobile syrup , this would be sweeet for me .. ; )

  • Specimen Yarp

    It will take a lot more than this to get me to use Twitter and facebook.

  • Marty

    That’s Incredible….

  • Sharath Daniel

    I badly want this 😀

  • Deborah H

    I would love to win this! *crosses her fingers* 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  • said elarafi

    i lovet i lovet

  • Farhan Khan

    Nice to have it

  • Akshar Dave


  • Carol

    I like you on facebook – love your contests 🙂

  • Jack Davis

    I have the Nokia C6, but I think this “HTC Incredible S” will beat that hands down!

  • Margaret Imecs

    I don’t have a cell phone, please pick me, I really need this to win!

  • rija owais

    i have always wanted an HTC ..
    it’s one of the hottest phones ever .. i can’t afford one that’s why i’m trying to win it somehow =) …
    please gift me this beautiful phone =)
    i’ll be very grateful
    =) LOVE HTCs =)

  • rija owais

    i liked u on facebook and i’m trying to post ur page’s link to my friends too so as to get u guys more likes .. pls do pick me =) thanks again =)

  • rija owais

    even joined u on twitterrrrrr

  • David Harding

    I’d love to be selected the winner.
    Thank you, Mobile Syrup

  • Sunny

    I hope I win.

  • Kevin

    I want this~ i need to replace my 3 years old phone~

  • sam pryor

    i really want to win one because me and my family cannot afford one
    and my phone was £9.99, my dad’s £99.99 and my mom’s was £79.99
    so lets really hope i can have 1