Rogers cuts $35 activation fee when you “Add a Device” on data sharing (for a limited time)


  • gmd

    On top of the $35, there’s tethering…

    Ah Rogers! Always taking tech tools to nickel&dime…

  • Max

    No one should charge so-called “Activation fee” if someone wants to be your customer. Can customers charge the company “Welcome fee”? Just a thought….

  • Terry

    The link states that you still have to pay the 35 activation fee. You’re first bill receives a 35 buck credit.

    So really…. You’re still paying the fee, the promo sucks, and Rogers still is a horrible company.

  • sacksy

    Why would I ever share data when I can tether for free? I can’t be losing that much speed when comparing the two, can I?

  • Sms

    Actually the activation fee is charged to your bill, and will be credited back on the same bill. So no, you don’t pay it.

  • george

    Just because wind and mobilicity like to be capital starved, doesn’t mean robelus does. If there is a way to make money they will take it. AFTER ALL ITS A BUSINESS,AND THOSE WHO DONT LIKE IT DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A ROCKET STICK OR DATA ON THE GO. Are all Canadians just whiny bitching i****s.

  • crunch204

    rogers still chargers a tehtering fee?

    Bell doesn’t.

    Bell FTW?! LOL

  • Sms

    Rogers has never charged a tethering fee.

  • gmd

    The big guys in Canada are always looking for ways to make more money, without giving more (data sharing plan, digital access fee, multiple receiver fee, roaming surcharge fee, Rogers wi-fi calling). Rogers seems to have quite a few tricks up its sleeve lately. Just tether (or VOIP over wi-fi) and be happy. With this “promotion”, they’re just trying to look good.

    Reminds me of an election campaign going on.

  • RyanLaker

    There honestly shouldn’t have been a $35 activation fee for a $10/month or $15/month plan in the first place. That’s three months of service god sake.

    • Jim R

      There also shouldn’t be a GRRF, but there it is.

  • Eric

    sign 3 years of my life away to save $35, where can I get this amazing offer?

  • steven schwartz

    Soon Rogers will be starting a $30 activation fee access fee that you will have to pay in order to pay the $35 activation fee.

  • 5Gs

    Sounds like competition is tough isn’t it Robelus?????

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @george – Making money is fine, but there is no need at all for Rogers to charge as much as they do, except greed.
    For example, Rogers earned 4 billion in 2009. 4 BILLION!
    Give me a break. A fair profit is fine, but that’s ridiculous.

    • BlackBag

      Don’t make mistake 4 Billion is the Revenue not the profit. the only type of company in Canada that can make billion(s) of dollards in Profits are the Bank.

  • George

    Then wind better step up their game to make robelus change their evil ways. Without the little three forcing change it’ll be gouged forever.

  • gmd

    Of the big 3, Rogers is the one with the most to loose, with a greater share of the market (38% vs 29% and 29%), and an ARPU of $11 more than then other two ($53 vs $42). It doesn’t take much for those people to realize that they could be paying a fraction of their current bill.