Koodo Mobile promo offers $100 off TELUS smartphones

Kate O'Brien

April 1, 2011 4:55pm

Koodo Mobile is owned by TELUS. Over the past several months Koodo has matured their lineup and released several Smartphones: BlackBerry Curve 3G, LG Optiumus One and the Nexus S soon. In one of the most oddest promotions that I’ve ever seen has Koodo promoting their selection of smartphone and data plans but also extends their reach for those customers who want a device they don’t carry, say the iPhone 4. I guess they want you to stay within the family rather than leave to a true competitor.

“Of course we’d prefer that you stay with us, but if you’re interested in an iPhone or other smartphone that we might not have, we can help with that too.That’s why we’re introducing an exclusive TELUS offer to get you access to a greater selection of smartphones. That means you can get the smartphone you want – and save money, too. Right now, you can get up to $100 off the 3 year term price on a great selection of TELUS smartphones including the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold 9780, or HTC Desire HD – to name a few.”

Have you ever seen something like this? Solo advertising Bell or Fido promoting Rogers?
Anyone else get this offer?

(Thanks Max!)

  • Justin Credible

    WTH! “We’d prefer that you stay with us”. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Paul

    How does one take advantage of this offer?! I am currently a Koodo customer.. so who are they sending this e-mail to?

  • shark

    april fool

  • Jim R

    Assuming it’s not an April Fool’s joke, it sounds like Koodo expects you to switch to Telus (Koodo’s parent) in order to avail yourself of the $100 off promo (note the reference to the 3 year term price – Koodo doesn’t have contracts).

    At first I thought it was a way to stay with Koodo *and* get $100 off the no-term price of a Telus phone – now that would have been cool!

  • Joseph

    I recently switched from Koodo to Telus on the 1yr free Milestone offer, and I haven’t been asked to settle the Tab (and my credit card hasn’t been charged yet either).

  • Nick

    They sent me the same offer around December last year, so it’s not the first time. Interesting strategy. I’m sure it gets a few people to switch over or, at the very least, comforts people that they’re well taken care of with Koodo/Telus and puts it in their head that Telus is the logical choice if they ever want a good phone but they were happy with Koodo.

  • Stevo

    I got this the other day but not switching with the Nexus S on Koodo

    • Nick

      Yeah, it’s kinda weird that they’re bringing in a high-end smartphone… I think the competition for cheap plans is really ratcheting up. The Nexus S may be a hundred bucks cheaper than the other high-end ones but it’s still no slouch.

    • Jay

      Stevo if you still have the Koodo promo email can you forward it to myself? I would like to use the $100 this week

  • sookster54

    I’ve been thinking about switching from Telus to Koodo, I’m tired of Telus’ crappy support and aggressive/uninformed reps, and Telus has changed their plans so Koodo’s $40 social plan is looking better. At least I can buy a Telus phone outright and use it straight away on Koodo.

  • Matt

    Solo Mobile is actually sending out direct mailers, as well as, telemarketing calls to get people to switch from Solo to Bell. Up until recently they were also offering bill credits of 75 dollars to coincide with this promo. Bell is doing what ever it can to retain its customer base. They are using inter-brand ports to inflate the number of activations they are doing. This allows them to claim more net activations in their financial reporting. In bell stores they have now implemented a tracking sku to monitor how many interbrand ports they are doing. I would have to assume Telus is now trying a similar strategy, based on the latest numbers I have seen they are a very distant third with regards to activations this quarter.

  • Tigersammy

    I got this email about a week ago, very odd. I am looking to get a new BB Torch but not sure if I want to go Rogers, Bell or Telus….and before anyone says go Wind or Mobilicy, im in London, ON – so I cannot get them

    • Nick

      Wait a few months if you can, the new BBs coming out this summer look ridiculous. The Curve Touch alone looks as good or better as the Torch.


    They do that because Virgin Mobile is giving em an hard time for people who want a better phone and stay with the tab system. So they just want to keep their customers wich is fair but personnaly I’d never go with telus.

  • D

    You can actually get the same deal if you’re porting from SOLO to BELL after 1 year of your contract. If you pick up a data plan (or switch to Voice & Data), you get $100 towards your phone.