Video: This is how the Android mascot in Xperia Play ad got its thumbs

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is “coming soon” to Canada but no confirmed date or pricing yet from Rogers. To keep the hype going a new video has been released that’s a continuation from seeing the Android mascot get a pair of thumbs in a back ally. This time… we find out who the thumbs are from and that Android is still ready to play. Check out video after the break.

Source: Phandroid

  • Sean

    Most disturbing series of commericials!!

  • Colin

    So what are they trying to say? Don’t go to bars in Southeast Asia and take home girls that you find there? :P

  • JSmith

    I will definately not give a thumbs up or down to this..cuz they will end up on an android..F that, I might need em to hitch a ride or be Fonzy for a day.

  • Big 3

    It’s also what happens to people who use Blackberries known as the “Blackberry Thumb”.

    • L

      and what do you use to type on your phone moron, your index and middle?

  • Maxime

    Hahaha I love it !

  • Stuntman

    What’s with these disturbing Android commercials? First it is the female stalker in the tree and now this.

  • tendenzi

    interestingly enough, he probably won’t need those thumbs for a lot of iPhone games.

    but seriously, really disturbing.

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