Videotron has added 55,800 new 3G+ customers to-date

Kate O'Brien

March 9, 2011 9:16am

Before launching their new 3G+ network in September of 2010 Videotron asked Quebec residents to “WAIT before renewing your cell phone contract”. This was in hopes of them signing up for one of their new devices and possibly their “Infinite” Québec plans that suggested “The End of Time” has happened.

Quebec is a hotbed for competition. Every carrier jumped on board and created an Unlimited Plan of some sorts. Bell, TELUS, Virgin, Solo, Fido, Public, Rogers, Koodo, Chatr… they all created one around the $50/month price. Yesterday during the Quebecor (parent company of Videotron) investor conference call CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau stated that “It’s been one of the most competitive environments we’ve seen in a while”. Subscriber numbers have been released and are not as strong as Videotron had hoped for. As of December 31, 2010, Videotron had 136,100 connections to its mobile service (including the old network which some customers are sticking with). In the press release it shows that “92,600 subscriber additions to its new mobile network (55,800 new connections and 36,800 migrations)”.

Good news though… new devices are coming soon. The Android-powered Nexus S is one of them.

Source: MarketWire

  • DJM

    Videotron… pff – plans are too expensive. Wish we had Mobilicity here.

    • zorxd

      More expensive but way more coverage too. So it depends what you need.
      I think the smartphone plans starting at $40/month (instead of $50 with other carriers) are a good thing.

  • Bobby

    If you have other videotron services, the plan prices are great. I have 200mb data +e/wkd starting at 6pm, caller id, voicemail,etc comes to 41$.

    The draw back is simply the network is not fully delevepped. Alot of reception dead spots.

  • Jonesy1966

    Can 36,000 migrations really be counted as new subs?

  • Sub-Joker

    I think only those that go for internet, cable and phone bundle choose videotron. otherwise their plans are terrible.