HP/Palm creates “Super Device Countdown” app in anticipation of February 9th event

Ian Hardy

January 26, 2011 10:46am

HP/Palm will be holding their “Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond” event on February 9th. Some details have already leaked such as a couple upcoming tablets (Rogers and Bell will be releasing the “Opal” in September). In the meantime a free app called “Super Device Countdown” has been created to pass the time. It’s basic and counts down the time until the event with HP logos floating around. Interesting name to call the app though. Wonder what the Super Devices will be…

Source: Palm Blog
(Thanks Chuck!)

  • loser

    how exciting.

  • jellmoo

    A… Um… Odd choice. That being said, I am very excited to see what HP/Palm will be coming out with on the 9th. With my Rogers upgrade coming into play just a week after that, the announcement on the 9th may heavily influence what my next handset will be.

  • ToniCipriani

    I don’t think Palm is the creator of the app.

  • Coldbones

    Umm. From now until the 9th is only 14 days, not 32. That “app” is wrong.

    (Just being a wise-nut:) )

  • Nik

    New Hp Tablet running web OS, Palm Pre 3 and HP Veer are already posted on Uk and US sites.