Google weather search updated with new features

Ian Hardy

January 25, 2011 7:41am

Google has added a slider option to their weather search page. Currently this is only available for Android and iPhone users but all you have to do is go to and search “weather”. You’ll see similar features from before such as current conditions and forecasts for the next four days… but this new slider takes it a step further and gives you estimations of how the weather will change over the next 12 hours (in an hour-by-hour breakdown). The background will also change depending on what time you’re checking the weather at and so will the temperature, wind speed, and humidity.

Source: Google

  • Kurt

    Can’t find anything like this with google search on my android phone. Are you sure this isn’t a new app to be released soon?

  • mylivespot

    From my Android I tried searching from and and I don’t get those results.

  • HTC Desire

    I was able to do it on my desire. It is a pretty sweet feature.

  • George

    It works on Galaxy S

  • Justin

    anyone who is having trouble, try clicking the link at the bottom of the page “go to” and then searching

  • Vineet

    Worked for me as well on Google Nexux One….Cool web based App and thats the future of Apps i guess…straight from you browser. Google Rockssssssss