Analyst says Shaw’s “widespread wireless launch in 2011 seems unlikely”


  • Jon Campbell

    “a widespread launch in 2011 seems challenging”
    I am pretty sure a widespread launch at anytime may seem at least a little challenging. Its never going to be easy.

  • Jerry

    I hope they find another VP soon, as I would like to see more competition and I think Shaw would be great as a mobility company. The idea of packaging everything for a cheaper price also is appealing.

  • JAWG


  • smiths

    I think Shaw will buy Wind

  • Amar

    Ah I was looking forward to seeing them launch this year, more support for the AWS frequency!

  • tbr

    They will launch in 2011. I don’t think the prices will be as low as the others but they should have great coverage in their areas. That is when you will see the big three lower prices just like Quebec and videotron.

  • Dr J

    “We felt it more prudent to develop our core business right now, and not divert any of our attention away from our mainstream products.”

    Yes more spectrum squatting. Why then bother to buying it in the first place and drive up the price?