Shaw’s VP of Wireless suddenly departs

Kate O'Brien

January 7, 2011 8:03am

On June 30th, 2010 Shaw announced they brought on Laurence Cooke as VP of their wireless division. In the press release about his appointment it stated that “We are confident that Laurence will make a significant contribution in this exciting new opportunity, and we wish him every success”. Well, after a short 6-month stint the Globe is reporting that Cooke has suddenly departed the company for “professional and personal reasons”. No official word on what the real reasons are or who will be replacing him… but this is not good timing. How can Shaw have the wireless impact they desire when there is so much uncertainly from the top. It’s been known for a while that Shaw is aiming for an “initial launch in late 2011” and a couple days ago the GSMA showed a planned September launch.

  • JAWG

    The corruption of Orascom / Wind / Swasiman has reached nee levels. I bet that he bribed this guy to quit with money he has stock piled from tax evasion in North Korea. Wind couldnt handle the comp so they got down and dirty again!

    • Joe

      Seriously man, do you ever shut up?

  • Larry

    Shaw delayed launch has put them further behind.Shaw has already put up towers around Calgary.Long term I beleave Shaw will merge with there cable cousin Rogers.Telus and Bell will also merge.

    • Duncan

      Shortly after, there will be a final merge, and Skynet will finally be online. Our contracts will be extended to a life term.


  • JAWG

    Hi Larry Can I merge with uranus

    • scotiaguy

      You are a swine! Get a virus and crash

  • Luke

    does something smell fishy here? I say…… FOR-SHAW!