LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black are “currently being reviewed by Canadian carriers”


  • zorxd

    Well both Rogers and Telus will want a dual-core high end phone. They better release this phone before Bell release the Atrix however, or sell it at a lower price, since the resolution is lower, there is less RAM and the battery is smaller.

  • schultzter

    Instead of waiting to see which carriers will release this phone, how ’bout checking with some independent retailers to see when they’ll start selling the phone?

  • Joe

    My guess is Rogers.

  • Luke

    I think Rogers will definitely pick one of these up since bell is getting atrix and telus the desire hd. Too bad it probably won’t be until Q2.

  • Canadianman20

    Rogers will most likely get these phone because of Bell= Moto and Telus= HTC. But Rogers will some how release them before the others so they can claim “First dual core phone launch in Canada”

  • Mike

    It’s pretty hot! I want one in white!

  • Stephanie Billy

    I saw someone reviewing the lg optimus x2 on youtube.It also has video chat on it.I really want to win that phone.

  • JohnNS

    Actually Canadianman20, Rogers will ANNOUNCE they have the first dual core LG and then not sell it for 2 months like they did with the Galaxy S… just so they can say they had it first 😉

    Right now it’s between this and the Atrix for me. Leaning towards Atrix.

    • Sub-Joker

      same here, the Atrix is one hell of a machine. dual core processor = AMAZING, 1 Gb of RAM = AMAZING, 8 hours of talk = AMAZING.

      I was just hoping the camera properties to be better (like 8 MP and 1080 HD videos). but it’s not a big factor for me.

      ppl are whining it’s a motorola. well, the Motorola Droid (or Milestone) is sort of the phone that pushed the andoid name in the States. and the milestone is an excellent phone.

      whining about motoBlur, it’s really similar to the stock android with the addition of minor changes. I personally don’t like HTC Sense. I feel it is slows down the phone. but I donno really, maybe it’s because I was comparing the HTC hero with the milestone back then (both have 550 Mhz processor).

      Great Job Motorola.

  • JAWG


  • Dave

    Just like the new commercial where rogers claims to be the first provider offering a data sharing plan. You can share your data between your phone, ipad, computer, etc, all for only $10 a month per device! How amazing is that? It’s not like Wind and Mobilicity have already been offering this service free of charge for as many devices as you want.

    Yeah, Rogers is the first, the first to actually charge people for using a feature of Android 2.2. Way to rob Google you dirty POS Rogers.

  • markymark

    Nexus S and Optimus One are either VERY underwhelming or a borderline FAIL in terms of features and responsiveness.

    Optimus X is the FIRST phone to finally start getting all of the desired elements right. It builds on the good ideas that should have made Optimus One work but LG went on a corner-cutting mission in order to grab huge (mindshare, ahem) profits…:P

    As nice as Samsung’s Galaxy S series is (Captivate is SOOO droolworthy, but alas, only available at Rogers), all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that Koodo picks up one of these phones sooner rather than later.

    Either way, I am *NOT* upgrading my low-rent LG Banter until a decent model smartphone arrives.

    I will spend money for it, even go tab-crazy! (yes!) but not until something decent turns up. I am waiting…

    Now we all know the applefanz are waiting for IPhone5, and that likely won’t ship until very late this year for the holidayz.

    Believe me, Telus ALMOST (!) got me with that tempting $100 off the IPhone4 e-mail coupon that Koodo sent me last month.

    It’s still there in my inbox…taunting me…:(

    I am just wanting a half-way decent smartphone that does just enough to kick it without breaking the bank.

    And let’s face it, LG’s Optimus X qualifies.

    Oh yeah, did I mention those truly NECESSARY features the Optimus X DOES have, like:

    -kick but Nvidia dual core CPU?
    -Decent screen/video?

    and finally…
    -Did I mention HDMI out?

    Why people are wasting their time with Optimus One, Nexus S
    or any sort of Symbian(t) astonishes me. 😛

    Please Koodo, now that you’ve sold out your Optimus One stock to all of the way-cool first-wave adoptive hipsters, can you release a phone to that HUGE potential smartphone market in Canada (that isn’t 7th-tier) for the rest of us….



  • kdpfinnz