RIM backs BlackBerry PlayBook battery life… still being optimized

Ian Hardy

December 30, 2010 10:03am

The other day a quote from Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. sent RIM’s unreleased and anticipated PlayBook tablet rumours in high gear. Wu basically said the battery life of the PlayBook is poor and RIM pushed back the launch until May. The reason for the poor battery life was blamed on the QNX OS because it “wasn’t originally designed for mobile environments but rather for devices like network equipment and automobiles where battery life isn’t as much a constraint.”

Waterloo-based RIM has come to the table to set things straight. In a statement RIM says “Any testing or observation of battery life to date by anyone outside of RIM would have been performed using pre-beta units that were built without power management implemented. RIM is on track with its schedule to optimize the BlackBerry PlayBook’s battery life and looks forward to providing customers with a professional grade tablet that offers superior performance with comparable battery life.”

Source: Yahoo!

  • frostyisgod

    well thats good lets just hope there right

  • Colin

    Rim’s sign looks a little dirty, you would think that they would wash it more often. (BTW I know the photo is from a summer day, but I went by there the other day, and it’s still dirty.)

    • teee


    • A. Carmine

      Damn…. that sign is pretty damn dirty. Looks like they don’t give a rats arse. Maybe they should take a look at how Apple, Google and Facebook upkeep their signs… not that hard to do…

  • Jack

    Looks like RIM is pulling a Nokia.

  • terr

    Makes me wonder why they would put a smaller battery into the torch rhan what’s in the blackberry 9700 and 9780. The blackberry bold has a bigger battery than the torch yet the torch has a bigger screen display, has full touch screen plus the key board. What were they thinking. No wonder they are having issues with batteries. Common semse just isn’t in the factor.

  • Regulator

    @Terr, I disagree,

    I bet they thought that out well…Something like this…”Hmm, meh who needs to manufacture a new form of battery, let’s just use some of dem old ones in the warehouse, we’ll save a bundle”…. LOL

  • Jake

    Wow, funny how rumours of poor battery life get started, and everybody treats it like gospel.
    There’s a lot of Google/Apple fanboys out there praying for RIM to fail.

    Nice to see RIM set the record straight.

  • A. Carmine

    I didn’t believe this Wu guy from the start. I’m not a RIM/BB fan at all but it just goes to show how one i***t’s ramblings can spread like wildfire.