TELUS extends free HTC Desire on 3-year until December 31st

Kate O'Brien

December 14, 2010 11:02am

TELUS has extended their limited time offer promotion of the HTC Desire for free until the end of the year. Good deal for sure but you’ll have to sign a 3-year contract to get it. The no-contract price is $449.99.


  • roccos_van

    DESIRE HD anyone? 😉

  • TBR

    I desire JAWGs anus, it is so smelly when I lube it for an entry!

  • Andrew


    That hole is meant for Rogers employees only… they refer to it as the ‘staff entrance’.

    • TBR

      I like to go with a fork and spoon wrapped with Saran Wrap to my dong before I enter the black hole… a little rough for the recipient but so enjoyable for the pusher.