Mobilicity donates $40,000 to the S’Cool Life Fund

Kate O'Brien

December 9, 2010 1:38pm

More Mobilicity news today – this time they have donated a cool $40,000. All of the monies raised were employee and partner driven and will go towards the S’Cool Life Fund – a non-profit that funds Canadian elementary public school extracurricular activities.Since launching in 2005 the initiative has awarded over $1.75 million worth of grants to help supplement D.R.E.A.M.S: “Drama, Recreation, Extra Curricular, Music, and Sports”.

Chairman of Mobilicity and also of the S’Cool Life Fund said “We are delighted to have Mobilicity on board as we help an increasing number of Canadian public elementary schools enrich student life. Going to school isn’t just about learning the three ‘Rs’ – it’s also about developing new interests and stretching your imagination.”

Nice to see them giving back.
Source: CNW

  • Allan t

    It’s good to see corporations being socially responsible.

  • harry

    ^ Actually this is probably a tax write off 😉

    • Ted

      Most charitable donations are applicable to income tax deductions under Income Tax Act. However, you still need to action it.

    • TNSF

      Only if you are making a profit!

  • zeake

    Good for them. Proud of you mobi!

  • Daver

    Pretty generous, considering $40k exceeds their net profit since launch…

    • Chuck

      ^ now that’s funny 🙂

  • JE


  • Analogkid

    New respect for Mobilicity…way to give back to the community!

  • Dan

    good for them, although I wish they would have used to money to build another couple towers lol