Sony Ericsson to release Xperia X7 & X7 mini with Windows Phone 7?

Ian Hardy

November 15, 2010 7:50am

Recently Bert Nordberg, President & CEO of Sony Ericsson recently stated that “it is our ambition to become the global number one handset provider on the Android platform”… but according to the latest leak online it also looks like Sony Ericsson is going to be releasing a couple Windows Phone 7 devices. Continuing on the Xperia name the Xperia X7 and X7 mini are both targeted to be released Q1 2011.

As for specs, the Xperia X7 will come with a massive 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen display (resolution of 480×800), a Qualcomm MSM8260 1.2GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera that can take 720p HD videos and apparently an HDMI output with Dolby Digital Plus surround. Dang those specs are good.

As for the Xperia X7 “mini”, this slide shows that it’ll have a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 480×800, 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 processor and a stellar 10.1 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording. The mini is not so “mini” and sounds like a device that I’d want now.

The images are not the most convincing so hopefully the slides are true. If so, Sony Ericsson will be having a great year next in 2011.

Source: PocketNow
Via: IntoMobile

  • Chuck

    photoshop for sure

  • StuGautz

    If these are real, I recommend a spell check for Sony.

    “Noise cancellation headphones budled”

  • skinnypig

    Damn, this has just put a wrench in my plans to get a Samsung Focus 🙁

  • Keith

    The 3.5″ screen on the mini is too small but the 4.3 looks like a winner.

    • Jabba

      3.5 is perfect. I’m tired of playing Stretch Armstrong with my thumb. I watch video on my computer.

  • me

    the 2nd one doesnt seem legit for one thing there is a spelling error and another thing the features for the second one actually seem better so i highly doubt it is real..nice try though

    • skinnypig

      Could be just draft internal slides… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  • AdrianC

    I want the X7 mini on Fido :O

  • Thomas

    I may have just jizzed in my pants. Windows Phone 7 on next gen hardware? Yes please….

  • mario83

    lol and rogers will get this in 2012!

  • Philippe

    DAMN IT!!! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! I just got a 3 year contract with Rogers with an X10 mini (witch I loved –until NOW –!!)

    Why tease us with this new phone already!!! I switched to Android (secretly wanting windows phone 7)…. ahh well… I’m pretty sure windows phones wont have Sega Genesis or Nintendo emulators on it… so.. its not so bad, I guess…

  • Greedy

    Just from a marketing perspective, why would you have a “mini” device with any specs that are better than the regular device? Very doubtful, IMO.

  • AbsoluteDark

    A lot are jumping ship so this wouldn’t surprise me to see this phone jump ship either. Honestly once this OS gets going I would say that RIM is done.