Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass takes on 3 bullets


  • Dave

    love it.

  • Petersen

    I wouldn’t have the balls to do that

  • Syntron

    Misleading title, it is not a “bullet” and also not a real gun.

  • Meshach David

    I didn’t actually see if any bullets fired…not that I’m doubting the screen, I just don’t believe videos like I used to

  • hugh

    take that Apple

  • bud


  • gunsams

    My galaxy s screen got scratched up by being in the same pocket as some of my keys, don’t have the buts to “test” the gorilla glass anymore.

    • iknowyou

      you should take a pen and smash it on the screen…. if i had the chance I would do it 🙂

  • Mark

    April fools!

  • Kyussmanchu

    Looks fake. The Tab didn’t even budge from the “bullet” impacts.

  • Lexcyn

    Too bad my Galaxy S was not like this. A rock took out the screen when I dropped it like 2 feet from the ground.

  • perry

    it’s a bb gun for god’s sake

  • Regulator

    Thats a cheap bb gun. Note bb’s are not bullets!

    • Jeremy R

      Actually, by definition, any projectile is a bullet. The rocket or pellets thrown from a sling are even refered to as bullets. Plus, the article is quite clear about the fact that these are fired from an air gun which uses a compressed CO2 tank. PLUS, who thought that they would fire an actual gun at a tablet? What personal electronic device on earth would stand up to being fired at with an actual gun? Are you ppl serious?

  • KP

    Well said Jeremy R.

    I don’t plan on shooting my Tab but I’ll file this away under “Just in case”.

  • Jake

    Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass takes on 3 BBs
    BBs are not bullets… they’re BBs. An obviously misleading title purposely worded for a bigger reaction.

  • Hareton

    Those are not BBs, BBs are hollow plastic balls shot from BB guns, if you were ever shot shot by a BB gun, you would know they are weak, they worst they can give you is a bump and pain for a day.

    In this video, the guy uses a pellet gun with compressed CO2 that shoot real pellets, they are solid metal and hurt really bad, bruising you. Pellets guns are capable of breaking glass, i won’t be surprised if if could break normal smartphones.

  • bubbles


    What about the panasonic toughbook? the screen is bulletproof up to a 9mm but as the tab is not designed for military standards.

    • Jeremy R

      Not sure where you got your stats on that, but from what I’ve read about the toughbook, it is the outer shell that is “bullet proof”. I put that in quotations because most article written about the toughbook claim that it can slow a bullet enough to protect you. These are also priced way out of the average consumer’s budget, coming in at over $4000.

      The components in this laptop are protected against shock as well as fire and crushing, but nowhere do they claim to have a bullet proof screen. If you have a source that says otherwise, please post a link.

  • Mike

    Please anyone who actually thinks that was a real gun is a moron!!

  • perry

    any projectile is a bullet?
    now I heard fucken everything.

    bullet is a projectile from a “FIRE”arm
    dumb dumb

    so by your definition, I could be throwing a rock at Galaxy tab and write an article saying the same sh!t

  • zahadum

    Am I the only one who saw three dots toward the bottom of the screen? Wonder if they wiped off.

  • Regulator

    Here in Canada, a AIR GUN is not classified as a firearm unless it is capable of shooting over 500 fps (feet per second). That is a cheap BB gun with low power. Trust me I used to own a bunch of these as a kid. I don’t care if people call BB’s a bullet by definition, the by-line and the video was meant to attract attention.

    Plastic BB’s are for Airsoft, metal BB’s are for Air Guns.

  • Hahaha

    2:30, the video is cut, fake!

  • Alisangry

    That would be a pellet gun. Shooting pellets.

  • Blaze

    To my knowledge the tablet is using a normal TFT screen. I work in a retail store with the phone and the tablet, i beat the hell out of the phone every day but, the tablet, is not equipped with gorilla glass, this should be enough to prove it’s a fake movie, now if Bell has the dumbed down version of the tablet…well that sucks.