Mobilicity to launch in Edmonton on October 21st?

Ian Hardy

October 6, 2010 8:37am

New entrant Mobilicity launched their wireless service in Toronto back on May 14th. Other cities such as Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver are expected to go live by the end of the year… but one of those cities might be launching in a couple weeks.

Thanks to a job posting by a promotional company looking to hire reps for the “Mobilicity Launch Promotion”. The successful candidates will start their training on October 18th and then hit the streets with for a 3 day blitz starting on October 21st until the 23rd.

Also, just to prepare yourself for the Mobilicity experience…The job description states that “You will be part of the mobile guerrilla street team promoting Mobilicity as a new mobile carrier in the area. You must wear Halloween scary costumes while on shift which will most likely include Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and the Grim Reaper. You will be delivering key brand messages while promoting an online contest to win prizes by getting people to tell their “Cell Phone Horror Stories”.

So those eager Edmontononians might see Mobilicity soon… plus Frankenstein, the Grim Reaper and the Nexus One!

Source: Kijiji
(Thanks Chris!)

  • chall2k5

    Damn….now why didnt wind think of that

  • EJ

    I immediately made the connection between frankenstein and cellular service. Cheeeeese, just hire the badboy guy.

  • Joe

    (When) are they coming to Montreal?

    • Coldbones


  • Kevin

    Hmm, wait so what venue are they hiring by ? I’m interested in applying with them …

    And this is sickkk i’m definitely going to switch over if the reception is decent off the bat. So mainly northeast corner of the city, and the university.

    • john

      Good luck with that! I wonder how many times a day your phone will switch to Rogers

  • TomatoGuy

    How about improving coverage in Toronto area and expanding it to cover the whole GTA first?

  • malingerer

    John Bitove strikes (out) again…?

  • havok

    well, my reception, and service has gotten way better in previous weeks with my 9700 on mobilicity. and even better, i have a phone from chatr, and a phone from public for comparison*.

    public, doesnt work in most areas and they have horrid service. Chatr surprised me the most because its rogers. its service is the worst of the lot. those phones i have with the others, im moving to mobilicity today.

    * i own a security and investigations company, and utilize various forms of telecommunication.

  • JAWG


    Right…Chatr that has the most reliable/solid network in the bunch you mentioned is worse than both Mobilicity/PM in the Toronto area…are you on crack or what?

    Almost 6 individuals in our office are using Chatr with different phones after trying the new entrants which they left because of awful service and ALL are reporting great coverage.Please…get real.

  • havok

    @j**g. lol, you can say whatever you like. i could care less who in your office is using what. i have one, and its garbage… nuff said.

    say what you like. 😛