Video: Nokia demonstrates the future is in “stretchable electronic skin”, “super capacitor” and “nanowire sensing”

Ian Hardy

September 28, 2010 9:09am

Nokia is going through a massive transition in leadership which will hopefully spur on new devices. One of Nokia’s strengths is that they are always sharing their ideas and innovation for possible future technologies.

3 video have just been uploaded by Nokia Conversations that give an insight into what might be coming up in a few years. One of the videos shows a “stretchable electronic skin” that can literally take the shape of whatever it’s put on. Nokia states that this could be on a touchscreen for use on a tablet or a mobile phone. The other videos show a “super capacitor” (sounds like the flux capacitor in Back to the Future) that is a flexible printed circuit board that could enable better use for the flash in your camera. The last shows how “nanowire sensing” can detect changes in air quality. Check them out after the break

Source: IntoMobile

  • VanLarry

    Super Capacitor? That’s the best name marketing can come up with?

    Dag, back in my days, super capacitor meant a very small size capacitor that holds in Farads. Not the usual microfarad, but but abs size FARADS. Enough to kill people.

    Look up Electric double-layer capacitor on wiki if you’re technically curious.