Bell creates “Let’s Talk Day” to support mental health initiatives


  • KC

    Someone write smartphone apps to auto-send thousands of text messages

  • Bong Sniffer

    BS – They will never release the actual well where exactly is this money going? To a Category/Genre?
    Corporate BS..

    • nik

      lol sometimes i think people just talk crap out of habit. Imagine someone reading the article above and his first reaction is “THEY’RE LIEING!!”
      Your online handle being bong sniffer, i’ll assume you have very little knowledge of how things work with big blue chip companies. It would make no sense for Bell or any other company to make such a big deal out of this and then not follow through. The PR ramifications would be catastrophic. If they weren’t actually going to take this route to heart it would be better if they didnt do anything at all.
      Just because they might have screwed you on a bill doesn’t mean EVERYTHING they do is a scam.

  • 5Gs

    So first they charge us huge amount of bills destroying our mental health. Then when we end up at the hospital, they take out proportion of that amount and invest on us for publicity stunt and offcourse they end up looking like Good Samaritanzo!

  • Regulator

    They must be trying to help out their favorite employee JAWG.

  • steven schwartz

    as someone living with Mental Illness it is nice to see a big national company publically take interest in our cause.

  • tbr

    I think they should lower pricing and let us decide where and if we donate.

    They get the credit for the donation but it’s us the public who are actually giving it away weather we like it or not.


    Here is to you @ CAMH Bell. See You in Media February 9….

  • sunshine

    I was terrified to come forward and even tell the doctor I was experiencing depression I didn’t even want to say the word fearing he would think I was crazy. I never even told my husband for a year that I was taking meds as I thought he would regret marrying me. I wish it wasn’t looked at so badly by the community and society in general it is so lonely when your hurting and you can’t talk about it. So i think it is great what Bell is doing.

  • Lausanne

    i am very glad that this issue is being brought to light on national TV encuraging all to talk about mental illnesss
    personally, i have expreneced it as teenager but nerv diagnosed then PTSD leaving a war torn country then culture shock coming to Canada then post partum depression aftre the birth of our first born and lastly a beloved family member took his own life.
    5-10 years a go it would have been shameful and embarasing to speak about it but now i learn each day that i am not alone and i speak about my experence and encurage all who come into my path from work to freinds and family about such issue and tell them about the help available.
    THANK YOU BELL for talking about menatl illness
    God bless 🙂

  • amanda

    Listen maybe it is about time they higher the amount of our bills and raise the prices of there phones for a great cause cuz i dont see any of us just taking money out of ur pocket to donate nobody does anymore, “people think its a scam or they have enough $$ or who cares” and besides cellphones,computers and all this crap on tv is taking over our lives and our childrens, when was the last time u actually did something with ur friend ,family loved one that didnt involve one ofthese devices..also stop and think if this was someone in ur family or a close friend would u mind helping then and who u would be scaming then….