webOS 2.0 beta screenshots pop up online

Kate O'Brien

September 7, 2010 2:55pm

Palm released webOS 2.0 beta last week and teased the general public with a bunch of images. When officially released this new and improved OS will bring some cool features/re-branded names for current apps such as Stacks (Palm’s “next-generation of multi-tasking”), “Just Type” which is a re-branded Universal Search.

However, an onslaught of leaked images have popped up online showing a bit of what we can expect: support to sync to Google, DropBox, Box.net, MobileMe, and VPN (IPSEC and Cisco), additional messaging options that include Skype, LCS, MySpace, and QQ, new dialer with Voicemail, Call Log and Favorites.

In total there are over 20 screenhsots that – if you’re into Palm webOS – are certainly worth a gander. Still nothing official when it comes to a virtual keyboard.

Source: Engadget
Via: PreCentral

  • Harry

    too bad no one cares about palm anymore……

  • Rich

    If they launch this supposed upcoming widescreen phone I will buy it in a heartbeat.

    I’ve tried every OS so far except webOS. I just steered clear from the Pre because of its many hardware faults. The Pixi is evidently a very good phone though, but not powerful enough for most true smartphone users.

    • frank yu

      um where did you get wide-screen phone from? the those are 6 different screen shots from what i understand. unless you were talking about turning the phone sideways to landscape mode 0.0

  • Patrick

    Palm’s problem with the Pre/Pixi was that they couldn’t afford to put in powerful enough equipment to power WebOS. WebOS is an incredibly designed and thought-out operating system that works great, it just needs a phone with a little more “oomph” in it. Hopefully with HP being able to help them out financially they can put out a phone (Or hopefully even a tablet) that will run the OS better.