TELUS first to offer carrier billing for App World purchases

Kate O'Brien

September 2, 2010 6:11pm

TELUS announced yesterday that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be released on September 24th. Most carriers announced the same news, but one thing that sets them apart from the others is that they’ll be the first Canadian carrier to offer a choice of where you want the purchased apps to appear… either on your monthly cellphone bill or your credit card.

The press release stated that “TELUS is excited to be the first carrier in Canada to offer clients the ability to pay for their BlackBerry App World purchases on their mobile phone bill as well as through credit card payment. This ability will be available prior to the BlackBerry Torch launch.”

More here at TELUS
Via: CrackBerry

  • ChrisK

    about time

  • laoo


  • Bong Sniffer

    no Sh@#….there content business is dead..this is the only way to survive…android, and iphone will be soon to follow….well maybe not soon..this are telco’s afterall…

  • sookster54

    I don’t like the new BB AppWorld app, it’s laggy and the login is annoying (I’d like an auto login), I was fine with the paypal method though I don’t buy apps on BBAW since the prices are alot higher than the same apps found on App Store and Android Market.