Apple announces iOS 4.1, available next week

Kate O'Brien

September 1, 2010 1:30pm

Today at the Apple “Music Event” Steve Jobs took some time to announce that they are releasing iOS 4.1 (available sometime next week). With this update they are fixing some proximity and Bluetooth bugs and also fixing up the lag time for 3G users. In addition, Apple is also introducing a new feature called High Dynamic Range photos (HDR). This is usually found in semi-pro camera and takes three simultaneous photos and combines them all for a higher contrasted image. Other features of 4.1 will include the ability to upload HD videos uploads over WiFi and rent TV shows (not just purchase) and the anticipated Game Center.

More here over at Apple

  • Dom

    Can I add widgets to my desktop? No, then wake me up in another year or so.

  • santyclawz


    • XER

      Are you on crack?

  • Rich

    So basically it just updates it to what it originally should have been.

  • Neal

    This will be what the 3rd update since 4.0 was released. This is the reason I chose iPhone vs android. The lack of regular updates from android is distrubing.