Video: White iPhone 4 gets unboxed

Ian Hardy

August 20, 2010 9:57am

About a month ago Apple stated the white version of the iPhone 4 will be delayed until sometime “later this year” because it’s been “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. There’s still no official word on when this will be available, rumours are sometime in September.

However, that hasn’t stopped videos of the production models to surface. The latest is from 9to5mac with a 4-minute unboxing and a demo of it working. They state that “Here’s what appears to be a production white iPhone. On this model, the LED flash doesn’t have the tell-tale design issue as the white iPhone kits that have been populating the Internet… This may be an international model scrapped by Apple at the last minute after defects in the white color clarity were found.”

Check out the video after the break

Source: 9to5mac
Via: IntoMobile

  • Ryan Waddell

    Lol… They can’t even get enough stock of the NORMAL iPhone 4 here in Canada… I can’t imagine how hard it would be to get your hands on a white one once they’re launched.

  • Mark

    I WANNNNNNNNNNT ONE! I got the black one while waiting for this one, but I WANT THIS ONE!

  • CrazyPhonePerson

    Thanks for the video.

    While I am not looking to get an iPhone(waiting on Rogers’ Captivate and Torch) I can say the iPhone is a nice phone, very responsive and great display.

    Also, I think on your videos a Tripod may aid in fluidity, and possibly the camera to focus on points when trying to showcase the retina display.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Dizzle

    really? all this is is marketing. release the black one first…generate hype (seems to be working based on the above) for the ‘hard to develop’ white one….whatever.

  • Dino

    I love when crap comes in different colors.

  • Andrey

    Personally, I don’t like white chocolate because it’s not really chocolate. For some reason this white one does not appeal to me at all.