Solo Mobile Unlimited plans and coverage revealed in new brochure

Ian Hardy

August 18, 2010 5:21pm

Solo Mobile will be re-launching their brand soon… actually according to this new brochure we received from a tipster it shows in the fine print to be pointing towards Friday, August 20th. We’ve got no word what will happen to current Solo subscribers but this new Unlimited offering will be available in the same core cities as Mobilicity, Wind Mobile and the recently launched Rogers discount brand Chatr: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa. When they officially relaunch you can probably find more info at

In the brochure they state that joining Solo that “you get a whole lot more for your money” because of “Canada-wide network without the dropped calls of less reliable network”, “Cool brand-name phones” with “No long-term contract, no deposit and no credit required”. Other good details of this new Solo Mobile is that they’ll be offering two new Unlimited plans that are priced $35 and $45.

The “Unlimited Talk 35” give you Unlimited Incoming calls (in your zone), Unlimited Outgoing province-wide calling (in your zone), Unlimited Incoming Texts, 50 Outgoing texts to Canada & U.S. (additional texts are $0.10), Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-way Calling. Voicemail is $5 more per month.

The “Unlimited Talk & Text 45” give you Unlimited Incoming calls (in your zone), Unlimited Outgoing Canada-wide calling (in your zone), Unlimited Incoming Texts, Unlimited outgoing texts to Canada & U.S., Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-way Calling. Voicemail is included.

Regarding the Voicemail. It’s “Voicemail 10” that includes a max of 10 messages on your voicemail and to retrieve your voicemail in your zone is free, when you step “out-of-zone” it’s $0.25 per minute. Canadian long distance charges are included in the $45 plan but otherwise it will cost you $0.15 per minute. U.S. long distance in-zone will cost $0.15 per minute and out-of-zone incoming and outgoing call to/from Canada or the U.S. has a price tag from 1995 at $0.25 per minute. Also, calls made outside your zone is at the $0.25 per minute rate as well.

As to the devices it looks like they will offer the same CDMA phones that they currently do, such as the Samsung Entro, Samsung M33 and the LG 230. No word yet on the rest of the lineup or the no-contract pricing.

Check out all the entire brochure after the jump
(Thanks tipster!)

  • Troy Pavlek

    $15 per minute. That’s hefty =P

  • gquie

    The $35 information seems to be typed wrong… According to the brochure the $35 plan includes provincewide calling not canadawide… And the $45 plan is opposite with the unlimited canada wide vs province wide calling.

    Looks like they got switched. Too bad too. If the $35 plan was canada wide I would have switched my mom over to solo.

  • maddie

    so basically instead of competition we get more the same. they couldn’t even come up with their own pricing scheme they had to copy chatr’s? how is that competing?

    • Hub

      it is not competition. There haven’t been any in a very long time. Actually the new comer are the competition and that’s why these plans are not available where WIND isn’t.

    • No wool over my eyes

      Actually Chatr just copied Wind’s pricing… So much for originality from the big 3.. Same old, same old.. Only do what they have to do to compete..

      If they really want to compete why not offer this pricing on their main Brands, rather than hide behind their flanker brands…

  • Hub

    Predatory pricing. Time to have the competition bureau inquire… even though we already know the outcome.

  • Jenson

    so solo will be relaunched on augest 20

  • gquie

    Technically solo isn’t really copying chatr. They are copying wind and mobilicity. If anyone thought that they would come up with anything better you were in lala land. The big three’s fighter brands won’t undercut themselves. They will match only not beat lol…

  • Don

    Exactly like Chatr, to the shock of no one.

  • Taylor

    The price points are really surprising.

  • Rene

    So, it only took 6 years, but now everyone is offering City Fido! LOL

  • Gussy

    Looks good, if i lived in a city.

  • JFrosty

    Well, one hell of a way to lose a customer here by not offering anything new to people in Montreal. It’s about time you arrive, Videotron.

    What they might have missed, is that Mobilicity, Wind Mobile and Chatr aren’t available at all here yet. So that’s pretty much a big f*ck you to Montreal customers.

  • Alan

    UGH. This isn’t competition, this is just copying the other guys. But why should I be surprised, its been crap like this forever.

  • Luke

    these plans are nothing special at all.

    CHATR is better in that you can use any unlocked phone (thank you wind for making this possible). I just called and asked about which phones are good and he said “i don’t know I have no idea” wow, and I thought CHATR customer service was bad, DAMN!

    chatr for $35 you get voicemail and unlimted province wide calling, on solo you just get the calling, similar ot wind prices like gquie said. Gquie is also correct that this information is wrong, $35 and $45 plan details are switched, giving you more for less, which does not make sense.

    dissapointed with these plans, but with solo (bell), not a surprise. I actually worked for solo for a total of 3 hours. I worked at dufferin mall in toronto and was told to lie about the activation fee that if customer REALLY pushed for it then we could waive it. The guys I worked with were also sexist pigs (I’m a guy, btw) and I quit on the spot. Very unprofessional training (none!). I asked what if someone wants to actiavte on prepaid service and manager siad “we don’t do that at my store” so he can make his extra comission, (BIG WOW! insert sarcasm).

    plus solo customer service hours are horrible, CLOSED ON WEEKENDS!!!!!! YIKES!!!! If you have a problem with calling on the weekend or billing problem, good luck to you!

    Monday to Friday – 10 am to 6 pm
    Saturday – closed
    Sunday & Holidays – closed

  • Luke

    p.s. I hear you frosty, apparently chatr said they are getting lots who want montreal and may launch service in “Montreal in the Fall time”.

  • Jason

    WTF Wind Mobile does all that the 45 can do with 5 less dollars 😛

  • Luke

    Jason, the wording at the top is incorrect, the $45 plan is the same as wind and rogers chatr. They are trying to compete with wind.

  • Jim R

    Chatr and Solo can try to compete with Wind, but until the offer data (like Wind), they come up short.

  • Rich

    If you’re in the west (BC), wait for Shaw to launch.
    Otherwise, wait on wind (WoW) to improve coverage in your area before swapping.

    Realistically, we can’t let the big 3 remain dominant. Bell / Rogers basically just teamed up to kill the competition.

    • spin

      When is Shaw coming to the West?

  • Nico

    So, no Data? Both Solo and Chatr should offer some sort of Mobile Browsing plans at least. They don’t even have to be unlimited, just a set amount at a reasonable price. Some sort of flex plan to prevent overages.

    And why are these only available where WIND is? That really sucks. They should launch in all major cities. At least in the provincal capitals would be nice. I wonder if this will ever come to Saskatchewan or Manitoba? Is WIND even coming to those two provinces? The Prairies get no love. We don’t even get City Fido. I know so many people who would love it if Solo or Chatr were available Regina and Saskatoon. Will it ever happen?

    • Him

      No, there are not enough ppl in Regina, Saskatoon or Winnipeg to make up for the cost of running reasonably priced wireless provider. So don’t expect them anytime soon. Telus/Bell didn’t even bother building HSPA network in these provinces. Wind has licenses in the cities you mention but it doesn’t look like they are a priority. Sorry…move to Toronto.

    • Neal

      Solo unlimited is going to be running on Bell’s old CDMA network. Theoretically they could offer data but it would be in the slow bandwidth range.

      As for why they’re not offering this in the smaller cities probably has to do with lack of corporate vision. Since it’s going to be running on the CDMA network which has long since been paid off there’s no reason why they can’t push this to smaller cities. Seriously if they pushed this to some of the smaller centers they’d be the first in the area and would get the lions share of customers.

  • Taylor

    Interesting how those who are saying the price points are the same as Wind, Chatr, etc. are getting upvoted, yet my comment “The price points are really surprising”, has four down votes. It’s sarcasm people. I’m saying the exact same thing they are.

  • cheenachatze

    It’s pretty sad for the Canadian consumer to see that the big players are not trying to offer better rates, but merely try to match the rates of the competition. I hope Wind and the other new comers manage to change the game for all Canadians, not just those in big cities.

  • Who Cares

    What’s that line about a polished turd? Oh yeah, It’s still Bell.

  • Dom

    I’ve pretty much had it with the industry as a whole. Wind and Mobilicity need to increase their coverage and handset choice sooner rather than later otherwise nothing will ever change. I mean, why couldn’t Rogers, Bell and TELUS offer the same plans on their own networks? Effing disgraceful.

  • OB

    umm….you know whats irritating…im a solo subscriber, and they decide to keep the EXACT same area as moblicity and wind…which means..once again…im on the outskirts of the planned area..couldnt they extend to cover all of brampton? thats IS part of the GTA you know…

    oo ya..and bell literally copied the other

  • n

    copy cat from WIND nothing new .

  • Zeake

    if mobi could just fix their network, they would reign supreme, that $35 plan of theirs is perfect! I left them and went back to fido tho, I couldn’t take the bad reception anymore. No point in having unlimited if you cant use it. 🙂

  • 5Gs

    Solo/chat-r = copying WIND

  • JAWG


    – Bell and Rogers are trying to put WIND and Mobilicity out of business, dont trust those losers at Rogers and Bell


  • matthew

    why anyone wants to be on cdma? it’s getting obsolete. atleast in canada.

  • Zeake

    bell = duche-baggery!

  • Luke

    Crappy phones and selection and won’t let you use sim card.

    Not interested.