INQ officially announces Canadian arrival… says “We exist” for those with “no off button”

Ian Hardy

July 28, 2010 9:52am

A press release went out this morning to officially announcing the INQ Chat 3G is in Canada, specifically available through TELUS and Koodo. We’ve known it was coming for some time and even yesterday Koodo Mobile put this up for sale and declared this new QWERTY device as “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”. No word on when TELUS will be releasing it but it’s “coming soon”… most likely sometime today or latest by the end of the week.

Frank Meehan, Founder and CEO of INQ “We focus on what our core consumers want to do most with their mobile phone and deliver it at a price point that’s affordable, especially for the youth that are driving the social media revolution. Our mission here in Canada is to bring a great mobile internet experience to the masses. We know there’s a whole generation of people out there with no ‘off button’ – they are messaging, texting and uploading and updating 24/7. We exist for them.”

There’s a “customized phone back unique” for the TELUS an Koodo Mobile 3G Chat. For pricing Koodo has this available for $200 no contract and $50 on the Tab. As for TELUS we’ve been informed that it’s $0.00 on a 2 or 3-year contract; $129.99 – on a 1-year contract and $179.99 no-contract.

Update: This is now available at TELUS for the pricing above.

  • David

    The fact that “there’s a whole generation of people out there with no ‘off button’ – they are messaging
    , texting and uploading and updating 24/7.”
    is rather sad methinks. What a shame….. to not have a life…. or (worse still) … to only have a virtual life 🙂

  • Dustin C

    Its for sale on the TELUS site now

  • Put WIFI on ALL Phones

    WIFI? Doesn’t look like it…