Samsung looking for 30 “Mobilers” to be brand ambassadors

Ian Hardy

July 20, 2010 2:07pm

Samsung Canada is looking for some help. They’ve put together a Facebook contest called “Samsung Mob!ler” where you could take home a Android Galaxy Vibrant. That’s not event the best part of the contest. If you win you’ll get access to new devices, help develop future apps and possibly visit the Samsung headquarters in Korea.

There are 30 positions open and Samsung describes a “Mob!ler” as brand ambassador who “loves all things mobile and spends vast amounts of time online. Always at the hottest events in their city. Can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or blogging in their spare time.”

It’s interesting but it’s only for those living in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. The contest goes until August 11th, 2010 at 11:59:59.
Check it out here at Facebook

  • midtoad

    You neglected to mention (but it’s possible to see in the lower-left image) that in order to be eligible, potential mobilers need to be living in Vancouver, Toronto or Montréal. No love for Calgary!

  • Scott S

    FYI .. this contest is only open to people in the Greater Toronto Area, Greater Montreal and the Greater Vancouver Areas.

  • Rich

    Too bad it’s Samsung, hard to promote their products.

  • Dino

    I’m so glad that I’m going to school in Van-city definitly entering this!

  • Crazyhammer

    Also only those under 30 years of age 🙁 I’m over 30 and I spent more time on here,, and various networks than most teens.

  • Mikael Mikkelsen

    I agree Rich, it seems for the last 3 or 4 years they have been behind the mobility curve. Its too bad because they always get so close.
    A slight marketing shift to what people ACTUALLY care about, and they could easily capture the industry here.

  • Shawn

    Would they accept Hamilton as GTA?

  • Mike

    You forgot to mention that’s is for anybody born after 1980 or under 30 years old.

  • Brayden

    One of my friends just won! His names Josh, aparently they picked him up in a limo and took him for a 15 hour training course in GTA. Strange thing is, he lives in Simcoe which is about 2.3 hours away from Toronto lol