webOS 1.4.5 now available for download on the Bell Palm Pre

Ian Hardy

July 15, 2010 9:02am

An update for all the Bell Palm Pre users in Canada… webOS 1.4.5 is now available and Palm states in the release notes that the changes are as follows:
Feature changes to existing applications
– This release includes minor fixes and enhancements to support the public release of the webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).
– This release may require you to update certain apps to their latest version to properly support the launch of the webOS PDK. If you have a game that is not saving your game information correctly (high scores, stages, settings) check the App Catalog for updates. For more information on updating apps, see Using App Catalog

– If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered.
– This release fixes a rare problem so that podcasts now download correctly.

This release addresses several security issues with the Palm webOS software.

You can download it via the Updates on your Pre. Check out the full details here at Palm

Via: PreCentral & IntoMobile

  • Alex T.

    Horray! I’ll have to wait for my favourite patches to be updated before downloading 1.4.5.

  • Bong Sniffer

    Somebody call the network guys at Bell, tell them to fire up the backup servers…11 users will be downloading the patch…hahahahahahahaha

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    LMMFATFO @ ” Bong Sniffer ”

    8MB and its gunna download over afew days?
    OMG 4real? Can you not just download & install it right away?
    man, i download porn bigger then that LMAO kidding, but android 2.1 for my diamond, was near 80MBs That took awhile, but really only like 10 + minutes Not days lol

  • Al

    It will download when the network isn’t busy. LMMFATFO you need to read the explanation. This has everything to do with the carrier maximizing bandwidth, I’m sure google does this too.