Poll results of “Which Canadian wireless carrier is the best”

Kate O'Brien

July 13, 2010 4:15pm

We put together a quick poll yesterday that we titled “Which Canadian wireless carrier is the best”. It was a really open perspective and a very broad poll that was really based on your overall experience with carrier, such as customer service, prices, devices, coverage etc. We gave it a 24-hour period and based on 2,087 responses the top 5 are as follows:

1. WIND Mobile (35% or 739 votes)
2. TELUS Mobility (16% or 330 votes)
3. Rogers Wireless (14% or 287 votes)
4. None of the above (8% or 173 votes) (hilarious)
5. Bell Mobility (7% or 150 votes)

We’re going to throw up another poll soon with more focus that will involve the carriers again. What are some of the questions you are curious about?

  • Don

    Surprised to see ‘None of the above’ so low.

  • Carrier Friend

    These results were fixed.

    Wind Mobile posted this on their fanboy FB page.

    Do you know how long return lines are @ Wind stores?

  • Maxwell

    1. Company with the best data plan? For use with iPhone/Android/tethering.
    2. Best pre-paid cell phone package/company?

    I personally am really interested in the answer for number 2.

  • Thomas

    Suggestions: “Top Value for your Money”, or “Best Network Reception”, or “How Much do you Pay per Month”

  • Matthew Patience

    This is the most biased poll results I’ve seen. Do this poll in another couple months when people start realizing how bad Wind Mobile really is.

    Rogers and Bell should be at the top. They are estabilished and know their s**t better than the rest.

  • Raj

    Best prepaid company

  • Larry

    Best smart phones&Plans

  • Joe

    I think WIND became the “None of the Above” choice.

  • Ben G

    Make the next one mobile capable. Its easier to vote that way!

  • Stevearino

    Oh, listen to the whiners – never mind that Wind came first – when none of the above (which I don’t believe was an actual choice – it was a write in) beats ya, well, you are the suck. So Suck It Bell!

  • Walter

    I am not surprised that Wind was voted #1. I mean you can’t beat unlimited long distance that alone was a selling point for me. And since I got a friends and family code, I am killing the phone calls home. Even at the regular price, none of the big three can compete. As soo as I get to Toronto I am picking up a Mytouch 3G slide and enjoy my Wind Mobile bliss.

  • schultzter

    Yeah seriously, how could Wind take first place when they offer so little service. I guess no one from Quebec voted in this poll?!

    If you do another poll though I would make sure to lump the sub-brands with their parent, especially if it’s a network quality type poll.

  • Sid

    I third the “best prepaid option” question.

  • Marija Donaldson

    Wind Mobile may offer no fixed contracts but their phone selection SUCKS.

  • donny

    Results don’t surprise – people are still smitten with Wind. I’ve had accounts with all three of the bigs…Bell is a billing nightmare, Rogers is a customer service nightmare. Telus is the only one that has been ok.

    Oh…and I tried to vote, but it wouldn’t work. But it appeared as though a login was required…and I don’t want to do that.

  • Trevor

    Telus needs to up their game. No major phone releases lately, and nothing other than Iphone 4 (which everyone else will have too) announced to be “coming soon”.

  • Nate Bolton

    Haha Bell. FAIL.

  • Terry

    “These results were fixed.

    Wind Mobile posted this on their fanboy FB page.

    Do you know how long return lines are @ Wind stores?”

    Well I’m sure Rogers, Bell and Telus posted it on their fan pag….Ohhhh wait, there isn’t any.

  • DJM

    I think you guys should link this to the big 3’s marketing and sales department, so see how much they really suck.

  • Woke Up Feeling LIke P Diddy

    These were so fixed,

  • Richard

    Best network speed in urban area?
    Best customer service resolution (not dumbfucks where you have to call 9 times).
    Best online customer service (sometimes you don’t want to call, just to email or chat and get it done).
    The ones who really care and don’t just invest in marketing bluffs.

  • Jim

    yah… I think market share might be a better measure of what we really think.

  • Christina

    “Well I’m sure Rogers, Bell and Telus posted it on their fan pag….Ohhhh wait, there isn’t any.”

    Hahahaha…that got a laugh outta me. And I’m posting from outside a Wind store now, there is nobody returning anything but there are two people activating.

    Poor Rogers, poor Bell. 🙂

  • ozzy

    as lond as your in 5 cities in canada wind is the best…….oh wait i dont live in any of those cities……i will just have fun with my samsung wave on bell that i bought for $299 on a 30day contract that i can use anywhere in canada with a network supporting 21mbps. not to mention bells repeaters on there towers that only bell phones can access….suck it telus lol